Signed. M3 ZCP Fully loaded+M Performance Exhaust $789+tax, $0 DAS⁸


Thank you to everyone who contributed to previous posts. This was my first M car lease and although it isn’t great, I’m satisfied with where I ended up. Short story after

**MSRP: $95110
**Selling Price: $77990 (18% off msrp before incentive)
**Monthly Payment: $789+tax ($862 with California tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
Incentives: Could only use $3500 lease incentive from BMW. Sadly, no OL code or loyalty or conquest.
Will apply for $500 CCA rebate

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Leasehackr Score: 10.5 years

(There is a discrepancy of 3 dollars between the calculator and the dealer numbers. Couldn’t care to check why)

So, now…the story!
I started with a search for the CS. After a week of back and forth, came to an 18% off MSRP before incentives with a dealer. Decided to wait a week. 2nd dealer offered the CS at 20% off msrp. Drove to dealer and while I was parking, get a call telling me car is sold! Broke my heart. At this point I was already exhausted from all the negotiations. To make matters worse, the dealer that gave me 18% on the CS earlier had now sold 2 of the 3 he had. The 3rd one had a higher msrp so even with an 18% payments were over $1000 for a 2 year term.
In the background, I also negotiated a deal for an M3 ZCP 2018 at 18% off before incentives. Slightly cheaper than CS. This one took way more legwork. We started at me asking for 21% off MSRP and the dealer offering 12%.
Agreed on 18% as final number and got the car. It is phenomenal!! The M performance exhaust on its own was worth all the work I put in.

As a side note, I contacted EVERY dealer on the west coast that had an M3 or M3 CS. Some wouldn’t budge from a 7% discount and the maximum I got from most was 15%. Only three dealers offered 18% out of which one moved to a 20% and then sold the car to someone else just as I was driving towards the dealership.

Have replied to all PMs and hopefully it helps someone still looking for an M3 or the CS


Great deal, congrats!! Post some pics in the trophy garage, interested to see how that $95K build looks like


So it would have been better with loyalty but this is a great deal nevertheless. Enjoy!!

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This is a great deal! Grats! Post pics :slight_smile:

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Awesome deal! I should start doing that on the east coast here!

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Congrats! Do you mind sharing the dealer info?

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Enjoy your new M3. I’m sure you will enjoy it fully.

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**WARNING: UNICORN** 2018 BMW M3 Competition Package 92k MSRP $505/month + tax, NO MSDs!