Signed: Loaner 330e $49,945 MSRP - $347.14/mo, $0 DAS... Titled In My Name!



I know, I live in Texas but we have fairly special circumstances where my wifes company pay our income tax here so we get no benefit from tax rebates like the Fed rebate.


You guys bought at the dealership, right? I hope you got all of the paperwork to submit for the Texas rebate, because that took me quite a bit of pestering to get since they delivered the car to my office in Austin and they didn’t have the application for title filled out and copied yet.

EDIT: Nevermind, we discussed this in PMs. Anybody else doing it, though, make sure you take the application for the dealership to fill out and make sure you get the application for title.


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Steven, one question you will probably get a lot is whether you will sell to non-TX residents and whether the Owner’s Choice can be offered to people out of TX.


Great question, BMW OwnersChoice balloon financing is available to Illinois, Texas, and Georgia residents only.


This goes towards your question from before… you would have to pass whatever legal requirements of being a Texas resident.


Welcome, Steven!

How is residency determined? Just based on whether you have a physical address you can receive mail to and register the vehicle at in Texas?


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So basically someone at BMWFS forgot they won’t collect the federal rebate under OC yet passed on the usual lease credit?


Do we know they are basing the incentives on claiming the federal tax credits? I think it might just be to move the 330e’s, which are kind of a niche product from what I can tell - not EV enough for the environmentally minded, but not as sporty as the higher powered gas engines because of the extra weight. Add to that the new battery coming out this summer and the new 3-series that is getting great press (often by slighting the current models), and I think they’re just trying to get rid of stock.

Another way of seeing it - the 340 and 328d have $4500 incentives, but no federal tax rebates at all.


Hey guys, I am registered here to officially represent BMW of San Antonio regarding any and all leasing questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to me via email at or on my cellphone 713-392-6399 (call or text) so that I can help anyone out with understanding what we have to offer.

@andyecon Your last post here is pretty accurate. With the incoming 2019 models, and the incoming electric technology, BMW is providing some excellent rebates/incentives to move our inventory. The 24 month lease option is perfect in the sense that you get a great vehicle at an amazing payment, and by the time the lease term is up, the new wave of tech will be hitting the floor with new incentives released at that time
BMW of San Antonio in particular is one of the largest volume dealerships in the country (largest by size) so we have a bit more capability in providing these kind of deals to our clients. If you are interested in one of these deals, I highly recommend making the trip down here to see the facility, it is truly remarkable.
Let me know if y’all have any further questions or see something you are interested in so that I can assist you ASAP. To the best of our knowledge - the support for these models is over at the end of the quarter (this month). - Michael Polak @ BMW of San Antonio


Thanks for giving info on here, Michael! I should emphasize that I really enjoy the 330e I got from BMWSA and think it is a great car, especially if you’re in a city with good charging infrastructure. I get 6 months of unlimited charging in Austin and not only can I plug in going around town, I often get a sweet parking spot without having to drive around in circles forever!


I’ll be interested to know if you are able to claim all the Fed and state tax credit as the verbiage depends on your eligibility and “up to” the specified credit. Keep us posted @andyecon @M5yates.

I can confirmed OC is only limited to a few state and GA is one of them. Pay taxes on purchase price, titled in your name, lease-like terms with options at lease maturity to pay lump sum balloon payment, refinance balloon payment, or turn in like a lease (inspection, mileage, wear& tear excessive charge, deposition charge, etc.)

However, most likely when your closer to lease maturity, BMW dealers will take your OC as a trade in.


I imagine most people who can qualify for loans on these cars are able to get the full $4001 federal tax credit.


I know other people who have used Owners Choice and had no issue getting the other rebates from Fed and State.


Hi everyone, just an update as I start applying for the electric car rebates.

I dropped off my paperwork today to the TCEQ and a woman went over it with me there in the office. There may be a snag because the purchase contract for my car has “used” checked instead of “demo” or “new”. She said that this may be an issue, even though BMWSA filled out the paperwork for my application and signed to the statement:

“I certify that the company I represent is licensed by the State of Texas to sell or lease new vehicles in Texas. If a purchase, I certify that the vehicle is new and has never been subject to a first sale prior to this sale. If a lease, I certify that the vehicle was purchased new for the purpose of providing the lease, was never subject to a first sale prior to the purchase for lease, and was never subject to a lease prior to this lease.”

She said that if there is an issue, they will contact me and give me five days to make it right before rejecting, but if you are still working on a deal with BMWSA, make sure they check either “new” or “demo” on all paperwork.

I thought that the determination of it being a new car was based on never being titled and the dealer signing the application verifying it to be new, but make sure they check the right boxes even if they are doing the deal as used internally.

And heads up to @MichaelPolak-BMWSA and @StevenPage that this matters for the TCEQ applications.


Thanks @andyecon I’m working with @MichaelPolak-BMWSA i will make sure its is checked.


I brought this up 5 days ago. Hopefully it works out for you, but in CA, being marked as “used” disqualifies it for the state’s CRVP program.


Yes, I thought that BMWSA vouching for the car being new by signing the application would suffice for TX. I did have one form with “new” checked and she made a copy of that as well, so maybe it will all work out.

I will keep everybody up to date on my application for the rebate, but anybody still working on a deal can make their life easier by getting the right boxes checked up front. Also, make sure you get a copy for the application for title, the delay for getting the actually title will probably be too long given how few rebates they have remaining.


Pm’d very interested!