Signed Lexus IS 300 F sport

Hey guys, finally signed on a Lexus IS 300. Incase anyone does not know, this car is incredibly hard to get a good deal on considering how few there are around and they’re selling almost instantly!
I also go an additional discount at the end of the sea because when running credit I was tier 1 but not tier 1 plus so my payment went up to 418. I got up and waked out and they said we will eat the $650. So I really got over a 9% discount. This was purchased in NJ

MSRP 45885
Dealer discount 7.9% 42280
Incentives 5000
Residual 50%
MF 0.00001
Payment is 399


Tough market out there right now. If you need a car just gotta bite the bullet, solid % for the market. Not sure why the $1,700 down, esp with that nonexistent MF? Enjoy the new ride!

Thanks man, it’s awesome!!

Im picking up my IS350 F-sport Wednesday!

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Congrats! Very nice and enjoy in good health!

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