Signed(leased) two Volvo XC90 could I have gotten better deals?

Okay so this is my first post. I live in Florida.I’ve actually just ran into this site. should have problem done more research before making the deals, but it is what it is.
I have two separate deals. Both the xc90’s

The first is for
xc90 inscription
MF: 0.00153
DAS/Cash down:0 (I traded in my truck)
Monthly payment: $653

The 2nd is for
Xc90 momentum
MSRP: $62,775
RV: 60%
MF:N/A (this was actually my first deal, and I didn’t ask :grimacing:)
Monthly payments: $569

I know it’s to late now, but I’m looking for any kind of insight. Any kind of advice for the next time what I could do to make these numbers lower.
Thank you all for the advice in advance.

Take the time to work out a target deal on the vehicle, based on researched comp deals and the lease programs as they apply to your current situation.

In this case, that largely means starting by backing out the volvo allowance/lease cash from each selling price to see where you’re actually at from a pre-incentive discount and verifying the mf against buy rate.

Also, when talking about a trade in, always be sure to get multiple quotes for the purchase. Places like carvana, shift, vroom, carmax, etc are giving way more money on these buy outs than most dealerships will on a trade in. Without knowing what kind of equity you actually had in the vehicle, it’s tough to evaluate how much the lease is actually costing you.

In addition to that, check out the broker posted deals here. They are not always the best available, but they are usally really realiable on what’s achieveable in the market. It’s a great way to set a target price for a vehicle!

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The dealer buy(I think that’s what you call it) was $39,864.49
Daily interest was $2.12

Dealerships gave me $47,500 for it.

Assuming that $47500 was a fair offer (you’d need to get some other quotes to see if it is), that puts your first XC90 at about $860 per month. My guess is their offer was probably on the lower side, so you’re probably knocking at the door of $900/mo.

Sorry just trying to give all info I can

There’s really no shortcut to becoming very savvy about leases, but it doesn’t take long either. Spend an hour mastering all the content in the “Leasing 101” section

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