Signed Lease full of problems

Hello All,

I leased a vehicle on December 01 on 2017. It was a Q60, i drove to Kentucky for it, i reside in Illinois. I walked out with a payment of 430 with 0 down 15kmiles per year 39 months with an MSRP of 57k, which is why i went so far for the car.

When i was at the dealership, everything was smooth. When it came to my first payment, everything went haywire. My contract was completely entered in incorrectly (seems like they tried to pull a quick one on me). My payment was at 447 instead of 430 with a mileage allowance of 10k instead of 15k. They sent me a new contract which i signed and sent back(this contract had the same terms as what we agreed on), they told me infiniti processed it on the 25th and are telling me to wait another week until things are finalized. I’ve been getting led on for 2 months now.

I am at the point where id rather give the car back in its current state and get another car elsewhere regardless of the deal if it is possible.

What can I do? Its literally been 2 months and the communication effort from their half is lacking greatly. I have to send them 3-5 emails before they respond. I dont want my credit to screw up because of a dealership being irresponsible.

Did you contact infiniti corp with your contract? Ask corp why you are paying xx when your contract says yy

Agreed, stop bothering with the dealer and head straight for Infiniti North America. Post on twitter, facebook, ig, etc and tag or tweet at them, They will message you asap asking for your number.

I had similar situation with my previous lease. I demanded a reimbursement for the difference on my new contract. They sent me a check, I signed a new contract.