Signed - Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited: MSRP $55,265, $637.50 per month, $4,157 DAS ($0 Down Payment)


I’m trying to get a lease for a Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited. I’ve been looking for over a month. MSRP $51,520 for black exterior/beige interior, bench and sunroof. In September one dealership gave me the following for this car: $0 DAS, 10k miles, $580 per month, $3000 fees/reg/etc they are now telling me in September that price increased to $630. Most dealerships are saying mid 600s for this car. Today I went to another dealership and he is offering $0 DAS, $589 for 48 months or $609 for 36 months 10k miles, $3000 fees/reg/etc. I live in New Jersey and do get the $500 rebate for returning lease and first responder discount. Can anyone give me some feedback on this deal?

What’s the pre-incentive discount to get there?

$500 for being a First Responder and $500 for returning leasee (We have a Ram that we lease)

Those are 2 incentives being applied. What is the discount off of msrp being offered, prior to the application of any incentives?

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To my knowledge there was nothing else being offered off the MSRP which is $51,520.

Might I suggest saving yourself thousands of dollars then:


Who do I message to get pricing from this dealer?

@clutch is the broker in the thread. Contact information/process is in the first post.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited is STOCKED right now in NYC/Long Island.
I just signed for a Jeep GC Altitude L MSRP $46,430. Love the black rims/altitude package if you can find Altitudes.

$46,430 MSRP
$599 per month payment
10k miles
Sign and Drive
(First month and $290 for DMV fees; total is $890 out of pocket. Everything else is capitalized/rolled into $599 p month)
NY taxes
Transfer Plates

Was offered the Limited for
$50,420 MSRP
$642 per month
10k miles
Sign and drive also so about $900 out of pocket total

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If there was $900 out of pocket, this was not a sign and drive deal, which would be $0 due at sale (hence one driving away with the vehicle after only signing)


good stuff.

can you post it in the signed section & post some more details for others, like selling price, MF, RV etc?

may be post the contract with personal information blacked out.

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Which dealership? 55k 36 w 10 626 w 3500 das w huntington jeep

Which dealership was this in?

Why not PM @djr0327 ? Don’t expect to get the same deal. It is a seller’s market, so dealers have the upper hand.


This was on an altitude. I just revised my lease deal and I’ll post on the signed section today.

Leased through Merrick/Wantagh Jeep
$599 per month
Black on black Attitude.
Sign and drive, legit sign and drive.
39 mo/10k miles

You have to lease through Bethpage Credit Union, from what I understand they have their own residual value and money factors and have the best programs this month. But they are very strict to get tier 1 approval, 750+ without question.

Go to Merrick / Wantagh Jeep and ask for Bobby.
$609 for 12k miles $599 for 10k miles.

Yeah I know, I might’ve been distracted when posting this…or drunk. I was pricing a few dealers against each other and overlapped info.

For everyone else:
I am posting the correct deal in the signed section today but this was not a limited this was an altitude so it’s based off Laredo
MSRP $48750. Altitude with roof.

Apparently the Jeep is coming fully inspected, with plates on and registered, which is new to me.

From shopping around for months I can tell you there is dramatic differences between Crystler Capital lease programs and Bethpage fed credit union.

Awesome. I did for my friend last month msrp 55k 36 12k 626 w 4000 das from Huntington jeep. I’m planning to order 22 jeep gc 4xe.

That seems 100 per month more than what @Clutch and @leasecompanion offer

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This is from Clutch:


We also have a limited number of in stock 2021 Grand Cherokee L Limited which we can offer 7.5% off on!

Here is a sample calc. Some regions have acq fee waived!
~$50k MSRP
36/10k lease
$2000 due at signing (plus plates/reg fees)