SIGNED: Ioniq 5 SE RWD - MSRP 48,270 - Effective $237 / Month


I negotiated a deal and the numbers come out really good but now the system isn’t accepting the deal. Need some ideas on why it’s not going through (the discount+incentives do keep it above the residual) and what options I have.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 SE RWD

MSRP: 48270
Discounted Price: 46570
Hyundai Incentives: 11,000 (10,000 national program + 1,000 sitting inventory credit)
State EV rebates: 4,250
Residual: 73%
MF: .00328


Any thoughts or ideas?

Ask dealer to cut you a check and increase sale price.


Go with 15k miles to lower the residual.

Yeah I’m just wondering if anyone in CT has experience with the cheapr program and knows whether those should factor into the depreciation calculation or not given they are state rebates.

so after a lot of back and forth, i didn’t get the deal i negotiated but its still a deal i think overall.

Final Numbers:
MSRP: 48270
Discounted Price: 47,933
Incentives+Rebates: 15,250
Residual: 73%
MF: .00368 - they raised this which i was not happy about
Down Payment: $-1,263 (wrote me a check)

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