SIGNED: Ioniq 5 Limited RWD, $54595 MSRP, 36/10, $19640 one pay lease ($545 effective)

I originally had a deal for an SEL RWD with 6% off and a $17k one pay that I was working to closer to $16k. A Limited RWD was about to be delivered so worked with them on lowering the price a bit to take that instead.

Both one pays were buy rate MF, but monthly payments were not offered at buy rate. Also got an extra $1000 in rebate/flex cash.

There was lots of dealership shenanigans in between (waiting for 5 hours total, hateful side comments from the sales guy, they sold the unit I had agreed to with them on the day before I was going to pick up - other buyer didn’t pick it up - and then sold it to someone else the morning I was heading in, and messing up the contract 4 times since they had never done a one pay before). If a broker had a Limited RWD I would have gone with them in a heartbeat to avoid dealership.

But anyways this is the calculator that I can get as close to. I can’t quite figure out how to get the one pay set up in calc (if anyone has any tips I can update link). The total cost in the calc was my one pay amount.

I wanted to wait to see if 24s did anything for discount opportunities but:

  1. My current registration was a month overdue
  2. My 2015 Impreza has started to have some transmission issues
  3. Very limited RWD Limited stock and I would rather the higher range than the power (although I will miss the heat pump)

This “flex” cash that Hyundai dealers are able to use to get that extra discount is that something all dealers have and something we can bring up with them if we want to get that extra $1K discount during negotiations?

What was the dealer discount? Did you qualify for the extra $2500 loyalty rebate?