Signed first lease ever on 2018 F150 STX SCREW 2.7L with 5.5 Bed



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2018 F150 STX SCREW 2.7L with 5.5 Bed

**MSRP: $45810
**Selling Price: $41943
**Monthly Payment: $211
**Cash Due at Signing: $556
**Trade: 5000

**Annual Mileage:10500

**Leasehackr Score:11.1

First time ever doing a lease. From what I’ve read, seems like a pretty good deal. Only thing I would do different if I did it again was pull my trade out. Any input for next time I do this would be much appreciated!


your actual monthly was $350, if you like the truck then its a good deal. Personally I think you could have gotten an xlt screw for the same monthly but like I said if it makes you happy dont second guess yourself. I think you did well but usually theres always room for improvement. Enjoy your new truck!


Even at effective $350/mo it’s a $45k car, I’d say it’s an excellent deal.


Using the trade money towards down payment wasn’t the wisest idea considering the low MF and the fact that you could have gotten a better interest rate on a CD or savings account (not to mention the risk associated with losing a down payment if the car is totaled)


100% true, still I feel the xlt has more options and features to offer than the stx, he could have gotten a 50k truck for 350 :zipper_mouth_face:


could have, would have, should have.

Seems like you did well, enjoy your new ride!


Problem was leash cash was more than 1k less for an xlt. To go 5k higher msrp with one 1k less lease cash, I couldn’t get them to meet that equivalent number


I think you would not have gotten SCREWed if you had not thrown in the trade into the numbers and tried to sell it on your own …


that makes sense, in that case your deal was excellent regardless of stx vs xlt, you should have pocketed that cash tho, that was 14 months payments down the drain if something happened to the truck.