SIGNED (family member) 2021 RAV4 XLE PREM PACKAGE

Financed & Signed @ 12/30/2020 With SETF

2021 RAV4 XLE PREM package

MSRP: $32560
Rebates. $1250 or 0% upto 48 months ( we took 0% for 48 months)
Bank. SETF
Drive out: $29092.49
(Includes Dealer Fee $599+Title tax 6.6%+ Elect fee $98+tag & title fee 43)

EXTRA dealer Addons.
Wheel locks, tint, nitrogen and lifetime powertrain warranty etc…998
( we outright as.the vehicle already had it. they had to bring it from their sister store 40 miles away)20210119_004805


Please dissect the deal & any suggestions are welcome!

Congrats! I’m unfamiliar with Toyota deals in the Southeast region, but a net 16.5% discount (after accounting for the doc fee) with no F&I products seems unparalleled to me.

What would the deal have looked like if you leased?

Thanks! They are very horrible with leases in GA for some reason. They usually wont discount the vehicle aggressively and try to stick with the setf standard advertised lease. In my humble opinion, I think they are scared with leases or treat them as a step child!

That’s usually a sign that the “discount” includes purchasing incentives