SIGNED: Demo 2019 530ixdrive $406.78 a month contract photo posted

the rv was $38,854

Everything is messed up here. No single number is matching. Anyhow enjoy Your car i wish i could get that discount before incentives. Congrats again.

add + 1033.5 to the rv value it then is should add up. that is the millage penalty.

wasnt sure how to put the 318 down so i just left it as a zero drive off

Hmm. 62% residual is for 10k miles. Did you get 10k or 12k miles lease?

10k miles a year

Ok. So change it in Your calculator :+1::grinning:


I mean that’s a crazy deal honestly for 5 series something am tryna get rn. Congrats to you. What dealership is this?

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Please stop asking for dealer info. Dealer Can not replicate the deal, it was the last 19 on the lot.

For those looking for a similar deal, why not just grab one of the broker deals or better yet, work your own deal.

Even if the dealer had another 2019 demo 530i xdrive available, I seriously doubt they will offer it at 23+% off MSRP pre-rebates.

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OP, can you post the contract? Thx.

I will I just haven’t had an opportunity

Found a similar deal!

417 a month $1400 DAS.
$2750 incentives
22% off MSP

Will put calculator on here later on today, once I finalize

Nice what was your msrp?

MSRP 63,560
Selling Price: 49,560

Drivers Assistance package
Convenience Package
Premium Package 2
Heated Steering Wheel

Driving plus. Great deal

Yeah, amen you posted your deal so I went to work to find one

how do you locate these vehicles before negotiating the price? Check pre-owned certified inventory? or new? Wish I could find a local deal like this, but couldn’t even come close with even 3 series.