Signed deal on 2020 Murano S (wondering if I did well)

After doing my homework on Leasehacker and Edmunds, I signed this deal for a 2020 Murano S w/ Tech Pckg. Just wondering if the hackrs can provide some insight as to how good/bad was the deal.

I’m also just trying to make sense of the contract, they don’t try to make it simple to understand.

2020 Murano S (w/ tech pckg)
1050 DAS (includes 1st pmt and fees)
MF was told was .00004 (matches Edmunds suggested MF)
Residual 52% (also matches Edmunds)
MSRP 34,060
Incentives 3,550 (also matches Edmunds)
Selling price 30,449 (before fees and rebates)
PMT 325.44

Lease contract photos below:

Seems like a solid deal. $325/mo with $1050 DAS isn’t bad for 12k miles/yr.

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10% off before incentives is solid. Enjoy the car.

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