Signed: Chevy Camaro LT1 - MSRP $40,155 - 39/10 $357/month - $1000 DAS

I will try to provide all the info possible.

I was shopping payments and did not base this on data points.

Nonetheless, needless to say I am very happy.

Big thank you to @Bostoncarconcierge for all his help.

Region: NY/NJ
MSRP: $40155
Selling Price: $38784
Monthly Payment: $357
Drive-Off Amount: $1000
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: I’m assuming .00028
Residual: 63%
Incentives: $2500

Conquest and Supplier was used.


Ah, wish you got the dual mode exhaust, great deal nonetheless


Yeah I had the same thought but it was the package I wanted and I was coming up on my Mercedes lease end, so I figured go for it lol

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Lets see those red seat belts and interior trim!!! Looks great and enjoy!!


I was just going to make the same request, I have not seen one of these in person.

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Dang you guys in territories that get the extra $250😊

Well, IMO shopping payments based on others data points can be very efficient. As long as you know what rebates you qualify for, sometimes its nice and easy and stressfree to let the dealer be in charge of figuring out how to get there.

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Nice spec! Is that a manual? Checking dealers for in transit units myself. Glad you found one !!

Enjoy :wink: !!!

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Congrats! Nice ride!

Mind posting the specs/options ? Black looks sharp with Redline Package!

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looks like a manual w redline, tech and rs gets to the same msrp

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Those red accents look great. Congrats! Don’t be shy, now show us the red accents in the interior too.

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Hey guys, I’m sorry it’s taken some time.

The build is RS package + Redline package + Tech + Manual transmission.

Here are the interior pics!


Supplier and conquest was huge

Thank you! It’s seriously sharp. I’m definitely going to do a ceramic coat

Yeah it’s a manual. Stay on it, I happened to find one and immediately put a deposit on it while in transit.

Definitely! As long as it was in the ball park I was going to sign

Same as mine sans Recaros and Dual Mode exhaust.

You’re going to enjoy the manual and the car overall!

Def tint the windows 35% to have that all black look.

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Yeah def will do that as well!

It’s definitely nice be back in a manual after 7 or so years, it’s been too long.

Thank you! I saw yours a while back too, it’s really nice build!