Signed - Chevy Bolt 21, LT with some options - 3995$

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Chevrolet Bolt LT
Comfort and Convenience
Driver Confidence I
Kinetic Blue

MSRP: $ 39,760
Selling Price: $ 35,920
Monthly Payment: $0
Drive-Off Amount: $3995
Months: 36M
Annual Mileage: 10K

Incentives: 13,650
Region: CA North Cal
Leasehackr Score: 33.9 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


How’d you hit $13,650 with incentives?

Hi which dealership?



Wow… the One Pay on these is almost not worth doing unless you take the money factor bump to waive the acquisition fee first. I think @adamcar mentioned this the other day. How are the seats in the 2021? Did they end up improving them? I never found out for sure if they updated them or not for 2021.

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Absolutely waive the acquisition fee. You still get almost 0 mf when doing one pay

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With a 9.75 tax rate, I’m thinking an East Bay or San Jose dealer, shoot, hit them all at this point…you can probably get exactly the features and color you want.

From the incentives looks like he signed it last month
4000 (Bonus Cash) +2250 (Conquest) +1000( Lse bonus cash) +3000 (Costco) + 1400 (bay Area) +1500 (CCFR) + $500 (supplier) =13650
the deal is right there with what @ChevyPhil was blowing out last month

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Yes the incentives looks like March incentives.

Yes those incentives are correct and I did signed last month. @ChevyPhil was 1000$ off from these numbers when I asked him and my last experience with them was not great. I had an awesome experience with @CaliZ06. Got 2 cars from him and he was absolutely best. No Games Fair prices and was in & out of dealership in 20 mins. I will highly recommend him. Was one of the best person I dealt with having leased many cars in past.


Found these for $2300 3yr 45kmiles one pay in the LA area.
BTW, the 2022s are redesigned, not the 2021s.

Which dealer did you find this from?

wondering the same, sounds too good to b true…

Can you share this deal with me? Which dealer? Do you have a sales rep contact?

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