Signed: C43 AMG (question about prepaid maintenance markup)

2020 C43 AMG
MSRP: $66440
Monthly Payment: $592 (including 8.1% sales tax)
MSDs: 10 ($7000)
Drive-Off Amount: MSDs + 1095 (acquisition fee) + 549 (doc fee) + registration/license/title fee for AZ
Months: 42
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00069
Residual: 57%
Region: AZ
Leasehackr Score: 9.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

So I had I ended up getting the residualized 3 yr/30k mile prepaid maintenance (this was the one thing I had not read up on before on mistake), but I’m realizing now that the dealer marked it up $400 (on MBUSA it costs 1640 and this correlates with my residual increasing 57% x 1640). Dealership charged and added $2040 to the capitalized cost though. It increases my monthly from $592 to $622. Calculating it out, I’m paying $1282.68 for the service package overall instead of $833.48 (so an extra $450) if they had used $1640 for the cost of the package.

My question:
Is $400 for an AMG a normal markup for a service package? You think I should contact them again about this or just cancel the maintenance package and go independent? Just accept that I lost some money and not deal with it?

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On my leased AMG, I just took it to an independent shop for the A and B service and saved a ton of money over the dealer cost. They had a good reputation and specialized in German cars, but were a lot less than the dealer for the same service. Mercedes never said a thing when I turned in the lease.


Good deal.

When I had my C300, I never did the B Services, I would just do an A Service again through a local indy. We were both of the opinion that the B Service was a rip off, at least the first one or 2. A Brand new 1-1/2 to 2 year old car should not need to have the brakes flushed and the other BS they put into it. The B service should really be done every 40-60k miles IMO. The dealership wanted to charge me $800 for a B Service. I just had the A service done for like $100 at a local indy.

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I agree. I just did the B because it was a 3 year 15k/year lease. I think I paid $100 for the A service and about $250 for the B service, so I wasn’t too worried about it. The local dealer wanted almost $1000 for the B service, which is crazy. I was expecting to pay more for an AMG, but not that much more.

Thanks yeah good info. There is a solid auto shop next to me the specializes in MB and BMW with a good reputation/prices so I could easily just go there. I had called them and they said for the C43 it would be $100 for the A and something around $300 for the B service but definitely a lot cheaper than the dealership.

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I would’ve probably done the B as well if it was only $250, once the local dealer quoted me $800 and change, it completely turned me off and I started looking at what’s included more carefully. I had a 3yr/12k miles lease, but I didn’t even need new pads, let alone flushing the brake fluid. That doesn’t make sense to me on a normal car, on a track car - I could see it if you boil the fluid. I doubt they even flush it at 15-20k miles, they likely just charge you for it and make some easy money.

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Thank you for asking this question, I just leased a C43 a few hours ago. Everything was done over email and the finance guy calls to add on the maintenance. I am working from home and he caught me off guard and kind of slipped it in when we were talking about the numbers. I had to hurry up and get into a meeting so I didn’t question it as much as I should have but he said, it is 1640 from MB but with the lease the cost is 907, bumped my monthly up by $18. Not horrible but I wanted to limbo and keep this as low as it could go. I start thinking about it and google oil changes for this car, and check LH to find out that the maintenance is just 3 really expensive oil changes. I have never heard of changing brake fluid at 20k, seems like selling the doom and gloom to people. I can buy a Mityvac for $75 and change my own oil without ever crawling under the car.

Email him…nothing, kinda figured. Called and said I want to remove it from the deal, he states well the papers have been mailed to you for signature so the deal is done. Started to laugh, I said if I don’t sign it nothing is done and no sale.I realize I made more work for him to redo the paperwork but he tried to tell me that these are not normal cars and they don’t have a drain plug… Logically that makes no sense but I played dumb for his amusement. Once the paperwork is sent in and everything finalized I might send him the DIY C43 oil change thread I found, that clearly shows a drain plug.


Yeah I saw you just posted your deal. They just residualized the $1640 cost for you though at least it seems from what you were saying? The guys I dealt with marked it up to $2040. If they had just used the actual MBUSA $1640 price point and residualized that I would probably just leave it so I don’t have to deal with maintenance.

That was what they did, residualized the 1640.

I don’t mind wrenching on cars, especially new ones, no rust usually no issues. I can’t stand overpay for something I can easily do, oil change should be less than a hundy each time and the mitvac is a one time purchase for 75, so less than 400 to cover the 4 years of oil is still better than 907. Plus everyone around here wants drain oil for heating.

Yeah I actually just emailed them and told them I’m going to cancel the policy since it was marked up and they called me back and said they will change it $1640 and residualize that so it’ll drop my monthly $10. Agreed to that deal with the finance guy so I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll lose out on about $100-200 compared to getting the A-B-A work done at the Indy nearby but probably worth the convenience to me especially over 3-3.5 years.

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That’s where the balance lies, what is most convenient for you. Just make sure you have to drop it off the day before and get a loaner car… Sometimes they have good ones to test out. With my truck I had to schedule an oil change and got a pretty nice mustang for a day.

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I just signed mine last night and those packages are out of control on price.

I think ~$900 - on a performance vehicle- is fine when you factor in my time, the hassle of storing the equipment and liquids, disposal of waste liquids and not having dealer service stamp if you decide to buy out the vehicle at the end of the lease. Those precious (/s) stamps mean a lot at resale time regardless of what anyone feels about right to repair etc

That is just so funny, I’ve never heard of deal considered done without signatures. Congrats on the car, it’s beautiful.

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Personally, I will be surprised if I keep it the 48 months, and if I do, then its on to another hack. I had a 2010 Porsche Panamera until a few days ago… never again will I keep an older luxury/performance car. Lease it, love it, leave it. Everything gets outdated so quickly now I don’t see a reason to buy it out at the end, I just hope the Carvana deals keep going like they have been.

Thank you!!

I was going to say the same thing to him that nothing is done, I haven’t sent any money yet. However I need to learn to be polite and not my normal self until the car is in my possession, then I might just email him the picture of the drain plug so he knows they do have one.

Stole a picture off of their website.


What color is that? Looks amazing.

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Lunar Blue, I’m guessing

Not that one, the original post. Silverish.