Signed, BMW M5 Competition, nicely equipped, last day of the fiscal year

M5 Competition: Executive, Drivers Assistant Pro, Bowers & Wilkins, Full Merino Leather

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW M5 Competition
MSRP: $124,710
Monthly Payment: $1,075 incl tax (one-pay monthly equivalent)
Drive-Off Amount: $41,260
Annual Mileage:10,000
Residual:59.32 (demo mileage)
Incentives:$4,500 + $1,500 CCA
Region: So Cal
Leasehackr Score:10.6
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Out of curiosity, why did you do a OnePay lease on this vs. doing MSD and paying monthly? You would have saved more on the MF reduction with MSD.


Also not sure how you got $1,075…

Factoring in your 1500 cca, it comes to $1,104?

With MSD’s and 0 drive off it’s at $1,065.

Either way not too shabby, and wicked car!
Post pics!

How did you get BMW CCA on a demo?

One pay of over 40k is definately Not a good idea…

It’s not, if you total a vehicle in a one-pay the money is pro-rated back to you. Not the same as down payment.


CCA on the 5 is also $1000 not $1500 … And correct, you do not get that rebate on demo vehicles.

You’re not getting $ from CCA. Congrats nonetheless.

I think it’s worth noting that deals don’t exist in a vacuum, there are sometimes various factors that play a role…like the actual car itself, which when you get to the more limited M cars, as opposed to a 5 series or an X5 for example, you have fewer cars to choose from, especially when trying to take advantage of the even fewer available 2019 M5 Comps. Add to that color and how it’s equipped and you have an even smaller pool to choose from…I’m a little disappointed that I assumed I was getting the CCA rebate and find out I’m not, but that wasn’t a determining factor. Getting 14% off in combination with buy rate, and in combination with a fully-equipped M5 Comp with color combos I like is something I feel pretty good about overall. Plus getting $4,500 in rebates in combination with residuals and MF from the standard 5 series might’ve been putting those at risk once the fiscal-year ended…
There’s always a better deal out there somewhere but I if I ended up at within $50/month of the perfect deal I can live with that :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone here on the site, you’ve been a big help-


Don’t worry. happens to the best of us. Good thing is your happy with it. Even without the rebate, deals pretty good. Congrats

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I had a similar drive off for an investment property :astonished:

Jk. Congrats, 14% off is strong for an M5 Comp, demo considered.


Singapore grey?

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Do you finance the one pay lease of $41k or drop cash?

Uh, it’s probably cash. What’s the point of taking a higher interest loan to one pay here?


Just saying, that’s a lot of loose cash to get rid of.

Never said I agreed with it :joy:

Let’s not pick this apart too much shall we…if I didn’t want to do a one-pay I wouldn’t have… :slight_smile:

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I wanted to add that the One-Pay was simply my chosen method of payment. It slightly improved the MF but let’s not focus so closely on this to the exclusion of the rest of the deal. 14% off MSRP in COMBINATION with buy-rate; residual and MF carried over from standard 5 series which usually is less favorable on the M’s, and a pretty fully equipped Comp with minimal miles driven by the owner. of the dealership (a famous driver on top of it) Oh, and color combo of exterior and interior that I liked…
As I indicated above, deals aren’t just one-dimensional, especially at year-end when trying to find the car one likes in combination with a rocking deal.
Multiple MSD’s, while good on paper, wasn’t my preference.
Anyway, my thoughts on the subject-

Would not lessee’s insurance co just pay off BMW FS based on the market value of a car at the time of the accident? It’d be up to lessee/policy holder to collect the excess (if there is any, hopefully there is) from BMW based on my conversations with insurance agents when I did my one pay lease. Don’t think any insurance co would care about pro-rating anything they did not insure.

As an example using nice round simplified numbers: let’s say he totals the car shortly and the car is appraised at 100K which is in the ballpark of his cap cost less some depreciation. BMW would get a check for full insured market value of $100K and would need to refund roughly $40K to the policy holder which would be in excess of what’s owed to them after one pay. At least that’s how it was explained to me… Any insurance folks or people who went thru this themselves?