Signed: BMW 2020 330i XDrive (NEW) - $450/month - WA area!


Title: Signed below deal + sharing my experience
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW 2020 330i XDrive, includes Premium package, Ambient lightening
MSRP: $ 49K (Got 11% off pre-incentives)
Monthly Payment: $450 (including tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2K (includes taxes+ first month) + 7 MSDs
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00102 (slightly above base MF since international rate)
Residual: 0.58
Incentives: 2750$
Region: WA
Leasehackr Score: 9.1

So finally, after ton of search in PNW, I landed in the above deal. I think this post is important for PNW folks, given, limited good deals from the dealer.

  1. I started search by myself by emailing couple of dealers in WA and Oregon. Dealers here are arrogant and hardly to budge on.
  2. While researching online, I got to know about leasehacker forum! I knew this is the right place to get decent deal.
  3. I was initially apprehensive about getting a deal from brokers - reason not seeing the car personally before signing, this was a new domain to explore, no friend had done this before. But I think @IAC (@AP919) ) was the best to get me a good deal!

Tips for folks in the area (PNW):

  1. Dealers in the area are not worth to even negotiate. Contact brokers on the forum who would help to get the car around the area -> West coast (shipping around 500-800$). MidWest (shipping around 1.4K$) preferred.
  2. Brokers on the forum are quite helpful. They solve all your doubts.
  3. Its okay to ship car from out of state. Shippers are quite professional. I recommend Sherpa Auto transport. Shippers take care to pick up from the dealer, deliver to your house.
  4. While working with a deal, be patient. It takes time to complete all formalities. On the top, its covid times and brokers are also humans. Be respectful while working with them.
  5. Be proud of your deal!

Good deal and nice information on a PNW deal for people like myself that live there and might be interested in a BMW. Did you end up using a broker? If so is shipping factored into your price you listed? Also how was registration

Yeah… ended up using broker @AP919.

Shipping and broker fee is not accounted for, but even if i account, better than what i would have end up getting without broker.

Registration happens at your home address and at the end of lease you can turn in car anywhere. Also you can service your car anywhere.

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Just an FYI because people are messaging me on @AP919 - I can’t respond to brokering requests there. Please reach out to me on my broker name here or e-mail me at