Signed and delivered today. 2019 Infiniti QX60



Hi there,

SOLID deal. Can you please PM me the salesperson and dealer info?

Thanks much!


please PM me the dealer’s info,thanks


Sent dealer info to all requests. I was only able to secure a deal like this because of the advice given on this site. Best of luck


Wow so zero drive off equivalency is about 389 plus 25, so 414 a month for $58k car. I paid $450 for car that was only $1k more, so about $425 equivalency to your car MSRP, so great job!


I got similar car,
$2300 out of pocket
$360 per months tax including.
36 months lease
12k miles per year


Great deal! Can you please PM me the salesperson and dealer info? Thanks a lot!


I am looking for a similar deal in Nor Cal.
Can someone PM me with the dealer / salesperson info.


PM’ed you 2020202020


Could you send me dealer info?


can you please pm me the dealer info?

Thank you.


That’s a good deal, enjoy your new car!


Would you please send the dealer info !


This deal has conquest included. Conquest is no longer available.


Pm me the dealer please… May be interested


Can you please PM the dealer info?


I too am in Northern California. Can someone hook me up with the same or similar deal? Thank you in advance.


Can you please PM dealer info?


Excellent deal, can you please also share dealer info with me?



Can you please PM dealer and rep you worked with as well?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry so late to the party, can you please PM me the dealer info. Located in North Jersey. Thx! DB