Signed: Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport 27/10k, $47k MSRP -- $282/month, $1800 DAS

after months of digging in on deals and analyzing the market between BMW, Audi and Alfa Romeo, I got a deal this morning I had to bite on.

this month the Ally alfa deals are all 27/39, hence the weird lease length.

2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport (volcano metalic black / black interior)

MSRP: $47,390
Agreed Price: $32,914 (30.5% off)
Monthly Payment: $282+tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1,800 (includes first month, title, tax, doc etc.)
Annual Mileage:10,000
Residual: 58%
Incentives: $5,000 (lease cash, conquest, truecar, + likely dealer coupon)
Region: SoCal
MSDs: 0
Leasehackr score: 13.9 Calculator


30% off? How? Is there trunk money on this?

there’s dealer coupons…and honestly, the finance manager had no idea how i got away with this and said the dealer is writing me a check to take the car.

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Who is the dealer? I’ve been looking for alfa romio gulia for quite some time and this sounds superb

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@AutoLeaseNinjas Mr. steal yo brand


imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as the proverb goes… ha!


You must have gotten it from Westbrook. They say that line to everyone. They give crazy discounts just to move units. congrats on the deal.

So, I’m new to this site… But how can I get A deal like this. Why doesn’t anyone ever post the dealers so we can go see them?

Because they would not be in business long if they gave everyone these deals.


guys — to answer the 50+ PMs i’ve gotten asking for dealer/salesperson info, it took me months of work to get this deal. even if i disclosed the dealer and the salesperson (which i’ve been instructed not to do), they would not hand you this deal. the best advice i could give is walk in knowing the numbers for the month (check edmunds) and go in on a date/time you think the dealer may be willing to play ball. there’s a lot of variables that make or break the deal including the use of dealer coupons, truecar incentives etc. timing and education are everything.


It is not as if one dealer just gives all of their cars away at 30%. As OP said, you’ve got to put in the sweat equity to find out who is willing to do something like this and when. These types of deals are incredibly situational. OP was patient and stalked his prey for some time. Good work!


There is a very specific so cal dealer that cares more about units moved then getting as much profit out of a car as possible. It doesn’t take that much sweat equity to deal with them. I know. Hell, their websites spells it out with their listed prices.

Which dealer are you referring to here? westbrook?

Why all the secrecy when it comes to dealers? The whole point of this website is to help people get better deals. Yeah we know every deal is different. But at least it’s god to know what dealers are more likely to deal


Who cares? It’s not like they can take the car back…

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its most likely westbrook, but even then walking in saying you want this wont get your far. it will prob take some time and luck to get a deal like this.

Have you seen what Westbrook is offering up for their Black Friday Sales event? Giulia Ti Sport ($46,990 MSRP) at 39/10k for $349/mo + drive-off. Only asterisk is the FCA Lease Loyalty Rebate. As mentioned before, they’re a dealership that moves numbers. As a starting point, that’s not bad at all and could see getting somewhere close to OP at end of month.