Signed: Acura MDX FWD Base $330 (incl Tax), 36mo/10K, $2800 DAS

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Acura MDX FWD Base
MSRP: $45,925
Selling Price: $35,681
Monthly Payment: $330
Drive-Off Amount: $2,800
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00042
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score:
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How much in direct to dealer incentives are rolled into the selling price?

It’s helpful for others when using your data for comparison shopping to know the pre-incentive discount.

Its $7500 for base and $8600 for all else except pcm nationally

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Is that with the base or subvened MF though? Acura generally does two programs on these. $7500 sounds like the incentive for the base mf.

Thats with std Acura mf.
Otherwise $3650 base $4450 all else with 0.00119

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Program here seems to be at .00042

Same incentive whether you lease or purchase? I am attempting to get the same price but paying cash and was told the incentives are for lease only.

Generally no, they different.

The mdx is a vehicle where if you want to purchase, you probably want to structure the lease using the non-subvened mf to get the large incentive and then immediately buy out the lease.

Yes, I will include details soon,

Unless they came out with special program for CA.
Both CA and FL are in same “Region A” of Honda/ Acura programs.

Can you post your quotation or your terms from the dealership? And which dealership was it? NorCal or SoCal? Thanks

Hi I am looking for a similar deal in norcal, please let us know the details / quote thanks !

Great deal my friend! Enjoy!!! And thanks for posting. 330 with TAx with 2.8k DAS for 45k MSRP is excellent…

SoCal Acura

Hi All, I cant figure how to plug these into the calculator, so maybe someone else can help. Here are the details.

Have you read through the calculator FAQ?

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Great deal, even if they got you twice for “protection packages”. Enjoy your MDX!

I did get the 3M protection and weather-tech like mats w/o changing the terms of the deal, so i figured that was good.

They charged you $1200 for those…

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$1190 Matt, don’t exaggerate :wink:

To compare, I actually tried to get WeatherTech mats for my XC60, and they sent me three different sets that didn’t fit the car (laser measured lol). I got the Volvo genuine ones front-and-back from a local dealer: $240 and Volvo sent a check back for $72. So the MDX ones are 2.5x apparently.

The 3M Scotchguard for $595 - congratulations and enjoy! Spill lots of stuff and hopefully make a claim if it doesn’t come out?