[Signed] 540i + M package loaner lease ($621.58/month, 36/12)

I leased 540i loaner with 4100 miles yesterday. DM me if you need my dealer’s contact. He told me that he will try to replicate this deal if anyone is interested. I had $2401 remaining payments from last lease, so number would be much better if I didn’t have it.

2019 BMW 540i with M package
MSRP: $64055
Sale Price: $54940 before rebate
Monthly Payment: $ $621.58 including LA county tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2000 (I had $2401.75 remaining payments from last lease, so I had to make it)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12000
MF: .00155
Residual: Residual amount is $37792
Incentives: 2000 loyalty + 3250 lease cash
Region: socal

Can you provide the selling price before incentives? Would make it easier to get the full picture of your deal.

thanks, just added

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Can you provide a side and ass shot of that beauty? Nice ride :+1:

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thanks! I will post more after work

Discount a little weak but acceptable for the most part. What really boned you was the payments/bad money you rolled in.

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dealers are whoring out 530s but not 540s, with that being said I have an offer for 14% off a new 540 + incentives with 0 negotiating.

Maybe the socal market is harder for buyers?

I’m currently stuck at $469 on a $74k 540i non M Sport but has exec package + luxury seating package, still not worth $150 a month extra for me though.

I have talked to many dealers and they were not willing to give more than 10% if it is a new one. There are more demands in socal area I guess.

man i am in the market for this exact one but i cant find one that wants to do sub 600 and less than 2200 drive off…

yeah I figured, being from norcal and having family all over California, people really do pay a premium to drive these cars whereas on the east coast people are all over the map with what cars they prefer, more tend to prefer Japanese cars over german cars in the majority of the mid atlantic region.