Signed $385/month $0 DAS - 2018 Cadillac CTS 2.0T Luxury AWD

Just my 2 cents. It sounds like the dealer didnt bring up the fact that it was a loaner until the issue of delivery date came up. That is pretty shady. I know you’ve invested a lot of time into this but I would walk away and find another car.

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Decided to take a look at the same CTS after seeing OP. After asking for all rebates (including supplier and Costco), the final sale price on the lease, about 100 emails from internet manager, sales manager and a CA, got this, unsolicited lease quote lol

Good morning.

24 month 1050

36 month. 765

39 month. 735.

3050 rebate

No money down

Thanks xxx

~$55K MSRP and advertised sales price is ~$44K w/all loyalty & purchase rebates and w/out freight. The selling price is ~$1,100 under invoice

Wow! That looks steep, its almost double on the monthly payments

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll review the lease agreement thoroughly and make sure that I get 36,000+miles at inception.

@AB_hackr @mfc
Thank you both. I really appreciate your input on this but I am kinda stuck in the middle here on this deal.

They put 2 hard inquiries on my credit report and my wife’s credit report (co-signer). I have already paid them the DAS $2,000 as a deposit.

Even if they agree to give me back the whole deposit amount, the inquiries are still going to be there and negatively impact my future applications for lease since I now have close to 10 in the last year (including these 2)

If you like the car and there is nothing wrong with it - you get a good deal, IMO. Did you actually see/drove it? :slight_smile:

I’ve driven a ‘similar’ car but not ‘the’ particular car. Even though I don’t appreciate the fact that the dealer has not been 100% transparent with me; I still think its a good deal as long as the mileage stays below 2,000

You live and you learn…next time, this won’t happen.

As for your current situation, everything is case by case. If I was in a position to walk away from a shady dealer for a few bucks a month, I would do that. With credit check issues etc., I would probably see if the dealership can offer any extras to make up for the shady practices.

Although I probably wouldn’t ding them on the survey, I may leave negative feedback on Google, Yelp, and dealerrater

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I will definitely push for the extras in order for them to make up for these shady practices. Any suggestions on what should be achievable and I should ask them for?

It’s a lease, you don’t own it so who cares about the miles as long as you get your 36,000? I got one of @loberant deals on a BMW 528 that was a previous service loaner for an entire year. The car was delivered like new and I haven’t had a single problem in it in the two years I have had it.

IMO steer clear of Cadillac. We’ve had four in the family in the last three years and three were junk. My wife still has her 2014 SRX and I just fixed the Cue screen myself because the dealer wanted $1,300 for it. It’s a very common issue. Had the seat vibrating motor go out even though the dealer just fixed it in the Spring.

I had a cts performance, ATS premium, and a CTS vsport and all three were in the shop all the time. Cadillacs customer service is absolute garbage. Couldn’t replicate issues even though I could show it to the service advisor. I had a dash cam and had video proof of them driving my car hard and cussing about fixing it. Including calling me names. The tech was fired over it actually. I wouldnt lease a CTS if it was $99 a month and 20,000 miles a year.

My father in law has had 10 Cadillacs…the last 5 leased (all CTSs). He’s had good service with all of them, they’ve never given him a problem, and he swears by Cadilac.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.


My ATS and both CTS had to have the evap core replaced due to mold growth. In order to replace those the entire dashboard, front seats, and the windshield (on the ATS) needs to be removed to get to the evap core. Getting the dealer to actually make the repair was actually the biggest obstacle. They installed an ionizer, reprogrammed the car to afterblow the HVAC system when its turned off, but nothing actually got rid of the mold until you pull the evap core. My last car the dealer denied the repair until I got Cadillac Corporate involved. I guess the dealer wanted me to breathe in mold when I drove? If you dad experiences any foul odors when the AC is running thats the issue. It’s a defect on every single ATS and CTS up until 2016 or 2017. The system cannot drain completely so water builds up and grows mold. Awful cars and awful customer service. The evap core is only one of the many issues I had with my cars.

Unless the car reeks of cigarettes, I think you got a deal. Roll with it

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So what did you decide to do?

Going to take delivery the next week

These dealers are something. Never stop to amuse me :joy:

Dear Ursus,

I don’t want to be a bother, but I do have to be honest…

This pesky CTS Sedan won’t leave me alone! He keeps asking for you and when you’re going to come in to admire him. Every time I am on the lot he asks me, “when is Ursus going to take me out?”

I have to explain to him that it’s not him it’s you… I told him you’re busy and you’ll come by when you have time but he still won’t relent! So, can you please help me settle this little engine down and let me know when he can come see the inside of your garage?

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You know that’s at least a little funny.

Even better touch and look at the actual car you are buying/leasing first…

If it’s an in-town purchase/lease, then of course - inspect in person.

But if you’re negotiating a vehicle that is more than 30 minutes away, I want to be sure that everything is as I expect it to be before I ever drive out take delivery. The purpose of asking these questions is to limit surprises on the dealership end.