Signed $385/month $0 DAS - 2018 Cadillac CTS 2.0T Luxury AWD

Never mentioned it until now. What pisses me more is that I already signed the deal on the car and the car will be an active loaner until end of the next week so I don’t know how many miles will be on the car when I get it.

If I demand the deposit back, what about the 2 hard inquiries? Is there a likelihood that I can pursue them to remove them?

They agreed to give me the Costco rebate though making the payment 385/month with $0 DAS

Anyone would be pissed in your situation. You can’t remove inquiries. GM does not credit you with the current miles on loaners, I think. So you will have 1,500+ miles less to use.
Don’t mix the numbers. You decided to go with 399/0 DAS, so with Costco you will be at $385

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I don’t trust the dealer at this point but he told me that I would still get the same amount of miles? Is he lying then?

@adamcar knows, I beilieve.

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My bad. Edited post above to say $385

This is the GM lease guide.
The easy way is the dealer writes the lease up to end at the normal mileage.
The hard way is for the dealer to do the retroactive $0.20 per mile.

Make sure you are clear and the contract lease agreement is clear.

As for the failure to disclose it as a loaner, I would not hesitate to lease it, but they need to make it right since you are paying for a vehicle you can not drive. Can they “loan” it to you while you wait?

That’s a good thought and I’ll ask them first thing tomorrow if they can loan it to me.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll make sure that I get the same amount of miles that I am entitled to and I am paying for.

Well to be 100% fair, you are only entitled to 36,000 total miles less the amount on the odometer at delivery.

That would have been the case if I knew that the car is a loaner before signing and would not be getting the 36k miles

The dealer said they will apply my Costco rebate to the deal. Is it applicable on loaners?

Yes. The vehicle is being sold as new. If it was not, none of the other lease cash would be applicable, either, and the vehicle could not even be leased.

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Thanks for the confirmation

Very unethical! Like many others on this forum, I would encourage you not to reward the slimy dealers and walk away. Leasing from folks that do this kind of stuff encourages them to continue with these tactics.

Before agreeing to a deal, I always ask:

  1. Is the car new?
  2. Is or has the car been a loaner?
  3. How many miles are on the odometer right now?
  4. Is the vehicle damaged in any way?

Asking this info as part of every car lease/purchase will save you from surprises like this.


I was told that I cannot take the car as a loaner and will have to wait until next week.

They told me that the miles at delivery will not be deducted from my total mileage allowance of 36,000 miles

I was also told ‘if it makes me feel any better the store manager is using the car right now and putting the miles on it and not just any other customer’. This all seems like kind of a joke?

There have been some here that have had mileage deducted per @adamcar’s post…which is the GM Financial approved method. Both him and I fall under this. In other words, we lost the miles on the car at inception in our lease agreements.

With that said, there have been others that have said that the loaner mileage on a GM has not affected their lease. Either they were mistaken, or the dealership made the adjustment by buying the miles and hiding it in the sales price somewhere.

As @adamcar mentioned though…know what you’re getting into before signing, as you could run into each of these two scenarios. If the dealership mentioned the miles will not be deducted, make sure your total miles allowed in the lease agreement indicates such (36,000 + whatever miles are on the car).

Just my 2 cents. It sounds like the dealer didnt bring up the fact that it was a loaner until the issue of delivery date came up. That is pretty shady. I know you’ve invested a lot of time into this but I would walk away and find another car.

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Decided to take a look at the same CTS after seeing OP. After asking for all rebates (including supplier and Costco), the final sale price on the lease, about 100 emails from internet manager, sales manager and a CA, got this, unsolicited lease quote lol

Good morning.

24 month 1050

36 month. 765

39 month. 735.

3050 rebate

No money down

Thanks xxx

~$55K MSRP and advertised sales price is ~$44K w/all loyalty & purchase rebates and w/out freight. The selling price is ~$1,100 under invoice

Wow! That looks steep, its almost double on the monthly payments

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll review the lease agreement thoroughly and make sure that I get 36,000+miles at inception.

@AB_hackr @mfc
Thank you both. I really appreciate your input on this but I am kinda stuck in the middle here on this deal.

They put 2 hard inquiries on my credit report and my wife’s credit report (co-signer). I have already paid them the DAS $2,000 as a deposit.

Even if they agree to give me back the whole deposit amount, the inquiries are still going to be there and negatively impact my future applications for lease since I now have close to 10 in the last year (including these 2)