SIGNED! 23 Nissan Ariya Platinum $273/month 1k DAS, 64k MSRP 18/10

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Thank you LH community for providing so much info that’s worth $$$$ of savings. Wasn’t easy to find 23 Ariya in bay area let alone platinum trim. Haggled a bit with the dealer, originally proposed 250/month 0 DAS, dealer wanted 3K DAS. Haggled a bit during which I did some research and thought if I lost this opportunity the next best wouldn’t come close in terms of prices, so agree on 1k DAS, 250 monthly + tax (9%). They still have a 23 empower+ which is the highest trim for FWD, DM me if you’re interested. Not gonna recommend this dealer though, they tried to scam me by not providing the level 2 charging cable, said no one wanted them and Nissan stopped giving them away. Had to confront them the next day after I did some research.

I was also considering Ioniq 5, EV6, Chevy EVs and even a loaner Lyriq. Ultimately I didn’t want to go over 400/month since it’s just a daily commuter. But I do want good ADAS with some comfort (memory seat, hands free cruise, etc). So it was down to Ariya Platinum and Equinox EV w/ Super Cruise. Equinox just didn’t have good deals, even more pricey than equivalent trim Blazers. Oh well, Ariya it is.

Overall nice ride. Quality not as good as the luxury brands and charging speed definitely not on par among competitors, but for the money (especially in bay area), I won’t complain much.


I have Nissan ProPilot in my 2018 Leaf commuter. It has been very handy on the commute. I have been surprised at how good it is.

I’m curious if you test drove this and how does the ADAS compare.

Never test drop the equinox EV. I wanted the 3LT trim with memory seats which was too expensive that it didn’t make sense to even consider.

ProPilot2 was good when it’s engaged, true hands free, but I find it annoying that it’s disengaged instead of paused when I step on the brake, and re-engagement will be 2 clicks and resetting the target speed.

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