Signed: 21 bmw x3 m40i, $640, 36/10

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Picked up this baby on May 10th. Nice spec for what I wanted (a lease after all). It’s a fast, fun SUV with a surprising amount of power. I can’t get the calc the lined up exactly, but I do know I got base MF and 10% off the car before incentives. Overall I feel I got a great deal given the market and lack of inventory.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW X3 M40I
MSRP: $60,835
Selling Price: $53,385
Monthly Payment: $ 638.30
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3,000 (Inc. 1st Month)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00093
Residual: 54
Incentives: $1250 Lease, $750 Loyalty
Region: CO
Leasehackr Score: 7.7
Leasehackr Calculator Link: X3 M40 Calc


Nicely done, and a chrome-delete/black-out after my own heart. :cupid:

Congratulations and enjoy!


Solid deal! My only gripe with the X3 M40i is that the wheels that come standard with the car look undersized for it. Obviously it’s that’s a preference thing. Car still looks great!


Wish I could find a deal like this now.


I agree! I was really shooting for the 20” wheel but those are non existent here. The 21’s look the best but did ride a little harsh for my area, so it was a comprimise

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Nice car and color! Congrats!