Signed: 2024 Ioniq 5 SEL RWD. ~$7,800 one-pay ($700 addon included). 24m/12k

Calculator Link

MSRP: $49,345
Sell Price: $47,282 (includes $700 excess wear and tear)
MF marked up from 0.00196 to 0.00226
Rebates: $10k standard rebate, $500 factory to dealer discretionary
SoCal OC dealer.

I added the $700 lease-end wear and tear by choice because it seems like a good deal. Up to $5000 worth of damage including tires/rims/bumper scratches/window cracks, etc.
Dealership comped me a $230 V2L adapter outside of contract which sealed the deal.

While not an AMAZING deal, it was very close to my goal. Dealer and I connected last evening and closed smoothly today at lunch.
Overall happy with service. Dealer said replicable @ ~$7,300 one-pay (no service contract, no V2L adapter included, unless already included in sticker price) Maybe they’ll do the excess wear contract for $500 more ($700 MSRP), i have no idea.

Hyundai definitely cheaped out on the 2024 models vs 2022 especially at the mid-tier SEL trim, but this is probably the cheapest/easiest “normal” EV lease deal in SoCal. Car drives fine even with a single motor. I test drove the Model Y, and that car really wasn’t for me. Great car, just not for me. :slight_smile: