Signed: 2024 Ioniq 5 SEL, OnePay Effective $5000 + 2 Year Free Charging

to the original poster

it’s level 3 at all the chargers near me, charges 10-80 in 18 mins

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2 weeks later???

Any chance this deal or a similar deal is available? Looking to do a one pay in the Denver area.

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I hasn’t heard from any dealer after I DM OP my email id and name. :neutral_face:

Hi friend

Dealer was out of stock on SEL, but I know he should have contacted. Let me reach to him and check if he can contact back to you.

Thank you!

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Whats the name of that color?

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I think it’s Cyber Gray color (limited trim)

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I’m also interested in this offer or something similar, if it’s still available.

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This deal was signed nearly a month ago

@theboomr - If you live in Colorado, you have all the info you need to put together your own deal.

Not really. The Denver Hyundai dealers are fuckin sheisty. They won’t go or advertised or national promotions at all, and Planet Hyundai is full on fuckwads. They won’t even honor a loner program when you bring a vehicle in for recall work.

carenthusiast is correct, it’s cyber gray.

PM the OP directly with these types of requests.

Hi All - Dealer has some SE Trim for $4100-$4200. Just incase if anyone is looking for SE Trim.

What was the MSRP for this Car?

MSRP was $59,350. MF was .002100(5%). I’m in a low tax rate city and my tax was $1078. Depending on your location the tax can swing the deal by a few hundred bucks. Also, it’s May now and the MF might have changed.

Thanks a lot. Yes, I heard Taxes at my place are quite high … tax component alone is $16XX.

Signed with OPs dealer today, $267/mo including 8.81% taxes. Saved about $20/mo over the $225 regional offer. Car will be delivered when I get back in town next week.


Hello, are there deals with out onepay? I am looking to lease Ionic 5 EV with in the next few days.