SIGNED! 2024 BMW iX 36/7.5K, MSRP 95160 - 569+tax , 3000 DAS, 4550 MSD

Signed 2024 BMW iX Black Sapphire Metallic, Oyster perforated sensatec with DAP, Sport and convenience package. MSRP was 95160. Paying 613 ( 569 + 7.75% tax ). Paid 3000 DAS + 4550 MSD and 599 broker fees. Term is 36 months with 7500 miles/year.

I used a broker from this marketplace. This was first time I used a broker and experience was great. I had the car delivered to me in less than 24 hrs after contacting broker.

Below is the calculator link:


Where did you get the extra 1,000 incentive, conquest?

I have an EV from Mercedes. That qualifies for Conquest.

Can you let me know a contact point of broker?

Your MF and residual looks better as well, how did you bargain that ?

This is a good deal you got. Like Joy192k asked. How did you bargain that and broker?

The residual cannot be bargained/negotiated. It is set by BMW. For this month, the MF is .00050 and the RV is 55% for 36 month/7.5k.

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Holy f$$&, I just bought last month :frowning: 0.0069 and 52% for the m60 but 14% off MSRP

This is a very sweet deal btw congrats

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The 0.0005 and 55% is for West Coast only, so if you are anywhere else in the country you’d see 0.00069. Also 52% RV makes sense for an M60 since it’s 2% higher than the iX50 (which is 54% in most of the country). 14% off is still an amazing job! Congrats @joy192k !!!


Would you mind sharing the broker’s name and contact info? Looking for something similar?

Congrats, OP! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Enjoy it. These are great cars. I want to drive the thing on long trips everyday.