Signed: 2023 XC-60 AWD Core MSRP: $50,3xx - $362 + tax $2774 DAS w/ MSDs

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Hi All,

Just took delivery of a 2023 XC-60 Core AWD given the awesome incentives this month as I attempted to capture any equity in my '21 S60. Sharing details below:

MSRP: $50,340
Sale Price: $45,668 (~9.48%)
Incentives: $6250 (Loyalty, Costco, APlan)
Term: 24 / 10
Monthly: $362 base + $32 tax = $394 Total
DAS: $2700 in the form of lease trade equity + MSDs
Region: NJ
Deal Link

What made this deal particularly good for me is the fact no other dealers would give ANY equity on my S60. Whether they inflated the number over their ACV in lieu of greater discount or are just taking a big risk, this netted out as a much better deal I could find anywhere given the equity.



Nice deal and you qualified for all the above, what region and what affinity did you use?

Update: Got the MF wrong. I believe actual discount is ~9.2% pre-incentive.

Purchased in NJ, and A-Plan elite

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The loyalty stacking with Costco and a-plan makes it a killer deal this month, for sure. Nice!

I’m a little confused though - how exactly did the S60 equity factor in?

Thanks! I’m not sure I understand the question – The equity is reflected in the calculator as a separate line item, and was applied as cap cost reduction on the contract (in addition to the rebates)

Ah, got it - nevermind, the calculator was acting funny on my phone, but on desktop the numbers make sense. Looks like you’d be at around $518/mo without the equity? That’s the part I was trying to figure out. Congrats on the deal!

Nice deal. Couldn’t find anyone closer to home in PA and save yourself a few hundred bucks on the doc fees?

Usually NJeans go out to PA to find better deals lol. You did the opposite.

Congrats. Post pics.

Yep. The thing is out of a couple brokers and a bunch of dealers, No one would give me any equity (not blaming them). The fact they had this discount + nearly 3k in equity really sweetened it.

They duplicated this deal with 2 family members as well.


I wish! I’m in western PA and no one in Pittsburgh or Cleveland would touch the discount, let alone any equity.

Fees are definitely high and include the JM&A datadot add on, but yea always a shock when see the fee comparison.


I think Your discount is 8.05% assuming the same trade in equity.

If I am not mistaken in PA all rebates should not be taxable.
@aronchi Mike would You be able to confirm no sales tax on rebates for PA.

My impression was that consumer rebates (e.g. Loyalty, costco, a plan) are taxable, and direct-to-dealer incentives are not, but happy to edit if I need to.

it’s all taxable. trade equity is also taxable. it’s treated as down payment.

Updated calc link in original post slightly to try to get it to match the contract and realizing my fees were off by $100. I assumed the data dot add in goes into the Dealer fees section of calc. If I entered correctly, I think this puts it at 9.48% discount before equity & incentives.

My only issue: If I take the sale price listed in the contract + add the incentives which are rolled into that price (APlan & Costco), I’m left with a number in the calculator which is too high given my payment & DAS. I have to manually adjust the sale price lower to match, but I can’t figure out how that sale price is reflected in the calculator at all.

Otherwise, rent charge, depreciation, monthly payment lines up.

You can post it in SIGNED or here with an image and we can rebuild your calc.

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It is not taxable in PA

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This is what i remember from Wrangler 4xe show where $7,5k rebate was not taxable in PA and taxes are paid monthly, not upfront like in NJ or NY.

Volvos website advertised starting at 569! What a joke dealers lie manufactures lie it’s all deception and lies. Thank goodness for this website.
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$569 + some absurd amount due at signing, no doubt (probably $5k). Manufacturer ads are a great benchmark…for a terrible deal. But sadly, they are effective.

I am also in Western PA and ironically have the same issue!