SIGNED: 2023 Rivian R1T $703/Month 36 Months, 10k Miles/Year, $0 down

Set the down payment to $1000(order deposit). That number should be accurate for monthly, rest is all DAS(first month+Tax+Acq Fee+Document fee). DAS will vary depending on your state.

Quad has the best residual+ MF combo. Dual Motor Max worse Residual but still 0% MF.

You can do a demo drive at showrooms, we did ours at the Chelsea showroom in NYC.

Showrooms are different from service centers.

The easiest way to see/test drive is to look on autotrader for a dealership that has one used.

Yeah I’m not risking a drive to Detroit for a demo. There’s one at a dealership an hour away

Demo drives in Brooklyn and Manhattan suck (I’ve done several of them)
With a guide and in traffic on local streets and not going more than 25 mph

Rent one for the day on Turo to get a real feel for these
There are several in the NYC/NNJ area on Turo

Yeah I have no interest in doing that, I thought of the Turo thing. I live in Monmouth County and drive in the city like once a year maybe.

Hey if you have a lease you want to get out of maybe just get it stolen. A friend of mine was waaaay over the miles on a Range Rover lease and a month before the turn in it was stolen out of his driveway.

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LOL. Nothing fishy. Range Rovers get stolen in this area constantly. Lot of nice cars around here so not sure why they get targeted. The police actually issued a warning in a very affluent area to stop leaving your keys in your unlocked vehicles.

You took delivery after 3 days you made $1000 deposit ?

No it was 6 days from deposit to delivery. You have to sign final papers 1-2 days before delivery.

They tell me 3 weeks.

It depends where the vehicle you want is located. I live not too far from Atlanta and I think it was probably already there.

I’m in NJ donno where the car is :slight_smile:

Does the 23 R1T markdown show up on the Rivian site calculator, or after the fact?

Oh…I do want this Ally Tundra gone so I can get the Rivian :smiley:

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After the fact. The lease numbers are still accurate as it’s baked in, the website only shows the MSRP and lease payment estimate.

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