Signed! 2023 Nissan Ariya Empower+ FWD, $215 per month, 0 DAS


58.8K MSRP
17K in rebates
18 month/10k

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Do you have the breakdown of incentives?

I don’t but it includes $1000 for loyalty and another $500 for recent grad. The rest should be pretty standard…NMAC lease cash, 18 month lease cash, some bonus and delaer cash.

When did you sign the contract?

I heard that the 2023 incentives ended in May and that there are none in June.


“It’s the best deal.”

Can you send me a copy of the lease contract if you have one?

Can confirm Evolve+ qualifies for 15.8k (including loyalty). Platinum+ 16.8k (including loyalty). Multiple dealers have confirmed this for me.

Have a dealer in CA willing to do $248/m and 248 DAS for a Platinum+ including $2k in dealer Add-Ons quote includes 10.25 tax Rate for me. Still working this deal.

Have another out of state dealer willing to do same monthly and DAS on and Evolve+ that includes $1700 in dealer Add-Ons. Problem is their webpage shows 15% dealer discount but once I got the paperwork dealer discount came down to 13%. Can’t seem to get them to honor their online dealer discount.

Might be willing to give up on the out of state deal if someone wants to pursue getting them to honor their advertised dealer discount.

Hi, can you please PM me the dealer contact for the Platinum+ deal?

I think I sent a DM. Lol still new to this forum.

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Is that deal in CA for 2023 or 2024 model?

This is a 2023.