Signed: 2023 Lucid Air Touring - 106k MSRP, 698/month incl tax, 2950 DAS, 18/5k

2023 Lucid Air Touring

MSRP 106,450

Zenith red, stealth pack, glass canopy, 20" wheels, Tahoe interior, sound pro, dream drive pro

Discounts: 12500 Air credit, 5000 on site credit, 1000 referral credit, 2900 sound pro credit, 6750 dream drive pro credit

Rebates: 7500 ev lease credit

18 months, 5k miles/year

698/month incl 10.5% tax

2950 total DAS (2450 at signing + 500 order deposit) including first month’s payment, 75 doc fee, 790 upfront tax, 1375 DMV fees



Had a 2023 Air Pure also on order mid May, but lease terms were 650/month incl tax and 2500 DAS for a 80k MSRP car. Cancelled it and waited for a sales manager to reach out with Air Touring. They reached out on May 31 and wanted to set up delivery for same day. But the same deal was rolled over to June and picked up the car yesterday.

I think this might be the same car that one of the brokers here had shared as available but they did not respond to PMs.

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Cong! I could never find any 2023 lucid recently in norcal.