SIGNED: 2023 Kia EV6 GT AWD $63,100 MSRP, $0 DAS, $148/mo, 24m/10k

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So get a 24. They have way more incentives on them now than the 23s did last month.

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This is true but dealers aren’t discounting them like some were with the 23s

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For my area 24 are 13,500 off with no summer sticker of no 1500 off so it’s only 500 more with a 2.2% apr.

This is completely insane! Wow! The only thing keeping me from buying this car was the fixed front seat but for this deal I would have overlooked that!

If only there was a place in this forum one could go to get all this information that would preclude you from having to repeat this over and over again on every post……

You are a VERY patient man.


Dealer near me has 4 '23 GTs on the lot. they wouldn’t budge on price. now they are screwed.

I am in KS and looking for a Blue GT, hook me up!