Signed! 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL AWD MSRP $52,820 24/12 $246/mo, $3,000

It looks like they’re getting the 7500 EV, 2500 loyalty, and 2,250 CT rebate on top of around 2500 off msrp.

The OP also got:
$4,250 CT CHEAPR PLUS rebate (Since I live in downtown New Haven, CT which designated as " Environmental Justice (EJ) Community.

That’s about $83/mo on a 24 month lease. Loyalty is another $104/mo. So without those, it’s going to be $187/mo more.

TYVM group so far for the input and the education … That said, a CT dealer just got back to me with the following …

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 3.15.28 PM

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Shoot for a bigger dealer discount. This discount is sub 3%. I would shoot for 2500-3000 off. Not sure if you will get it as a lot of dealers (this one included) like to act like $14k is coming out of their pockets.

If you can an additional 2-3%, maybe 4%, discount and verify the base money factor, that’s as good as your going to get.

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Is loyalty a regional thing on the Ioniqs?

Yes. In California, no loyalty for AWD SEL. Loyalty for all other trim combinations. But other states have loyalty for AWD SEL. Actually, not sure about all other states, but it seems like they do.

Well, I contacted and negotiated literally every Hyundai dealers in CT and no dealership is willing to budge more than $2500 total for the discount

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Well $2500 is more than $1500. These dealers are gonna try to get the people coming in thinking wow 14k off what a deal not knowing that is all free rebate money.

Are CT dealers willing to give the $2,500 CHEAPR rebate even when the MSRP is over $50K? I thought you couldn’t get it at that point, but the deals posted above seem to include it.

Is that just because these are all SEL AWDs, which were grandfathered into the rebate despite being >$50K MSRP?

I was going to look at an I6 limited, but was thinking of settling on the SEL to get the CHEAPR rebate.

Oh sweet! I haven’t found any dealer giving more than 3K discount on Limited and 3.5K on the SEL AWD in the norcal area.

How does this get past financing if residual is higher than cap cost?