Signed: 2023 Highlander

1K under MSRP.

Harford county MD

Gas or hybrid. Gas models are going thousands under MSRP.

Gas. How many thousands?

Seen invoice on some deals, enjoy the car. We had a hybrid and loved it.

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Under invoice? Where?

Sorry, but I’m finding this hard to believe you can score a 23 Highlander right now at invoice.

If so, please let me know and I’ll pick it up!

Invoice, not under.

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Not sure what invoice is on these, but check the marketplace here and check your local dealers, you’ll find some good discounts. They’re shitting these highlanders out like candy

Sorry, I somehow saw “under.” I don’t know, but I swear.
Anyway, Invoice? Where? Because I’d like to know.

Sorry, I think Jeff had one for 1k over invoice, think it was a platinum. Invoice is not out of the question, but definitely rare at the moment.

For sure not something people are going to get walking into a dealer.

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I called atleast 10 delaers in the area (MD) all of them scoffed at anything under MSRP.

A broker on leasehakr wants 500 for MSRP. Not sure what i could have done?

Even today i would not know how to get it at invoice?

Discount isn’t out of the question. Next time I would reach out to out of state dealers. @Jrouleau426 does great deals out in your side of the country.

I had dealt with James before and had a good deal on camry. But this time arpund offer was MSRP plus 500 broker fee.

Base Camrys aren’t base highlanders. It’s all about demand. No one is really discounting base model fuel efficient cars right now. There’s too much demand. With that said I’ve had Camry discounted just have to catch an end of month special.

I have highlanders at 2500 off with a 200 doc fee


I’d do invoice on a Gas 2023 Highlander


There is no Hartford County in Maryland. There is Harford County. And there are only two Toyota dealerships in Harford County, which means it is either Ourisman (which just bought that store and is likely pushing volume/turn) or Jones.

This being said, I would rather pay MSRP from Bill Kidd’s than deal with Ourisman or Jones. They were absolutely wonderful to deal with when a friend purchased a Tacoma from them last year. No games and no BS.

It was Harford county. Not too sure on the local nuances. They had a car in stock and every dealer in the area wanted MSRP + Adjustment. I guess I overpaid by $1200-1500 than the best deals on this thread. I don’t have anything negative on Ourisman; They were upfront on the price and doc fee. No games; in and out in under 90 minutes.

There is no one in the marketplace of this forum for Northeast East except @Jrouleau426

do they still have the V6? If so I am definitely interested in a platinum

They are 4cyl turbo in 2023

I believe I have a platinum if interested. It’s msrp tho