Signed: 2023 EQS 450+ Sedan 24/12k, One Pay $16680, effective $695 monthly in Texas

I had a 530e that I got last year through owners choice program and I was ready to swap it to an EQS after seeing so many amazing deals that were posted in this forum.

After contacting several dealerships at Dallas-Fort Worth area, I realized none of them were really even thinking of discounting these cars nor stacking the incentives.

With some consistent communication, one of them decided to take my 530e at $45k and my payoff was $49k, so there was about $4k of negative equity, which I was not very scared about as I would get $5,833 of federal tax credit this year because I had bought that other car last year.

Taking the negative $4k equity, I got to sign an one-pay lease on a EQS 450+ sedan at $20,680, which would equate to $16,680 for the 24 months of lease itself and that is $695 effectively a month.

MSRP: 106k,
Selling price: About 88k including the stupid permaplate program and tint
Incentives $13,500 (Welcome to EV and Sam’s)
One Pay MF: 0.00199
Tax credit included

I think this was a pretty juicy deal considering this happened in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Not sure if this will really be replicable (it is really hard to find a dealer in this area to stack the incentives and ask for the right discounts and tax credit).

The best part is that this was a 2023 brand new car with 11 miles on the odometer. :slight_smile:

Calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR (I could not replicate the numbers exactly due to the negative equity but this would be the closest thing I could punch in)


MK signed off on that deal? Impressive.

Speaking to G, they didn’t seem that motivated to move the jelly beans.

Very impressive - once the Texas rebate comes back - it’ll be make it even juicer but great deal!


BMWFS let a third party buy your lease?

It was not a lease, it was a finance with a balloon payment at the end called Owner’s Choice program.
It works exactly like a lease but you just do not have to pay taxes again when you buy the car out at the end. Only available in IL, TX and GA as far as I know.

I did this last year since I wanted to get the tax credits and I did not want to pay sales tax again in case I wanted to keep the car after the 3 years.

Looks like a great deal. Were they able to stack $7500 EV, welcome credit $2500 and fleet $3500 all together? I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere

Welcome to Electric and Affinity don’t stack together

I think they did it by mistake, honestly.
I have not seen anybody stack it either.