Signed! 2023 EQE 500 SUV Loaner | $93,270 MSRP | $615/mo + tax | $2700 DAS and no MSDs

Thanks to everyone for sharing their deals. The information provided was valuable in negotiating my deal.

I started my process about a week ago targeting ~$600/mo + ~$2500 DAS on either the EQE 350 or 500. Kept it simple: stated this is the deal I want on stock #xxxx, here’s why (current MF, RV, incentives), and that I’d sign immediately. Just tried to make it a super easy deal for the dealer.

Most dealerships ignored me or asked me to come in to talk, but found a couple willing to keep the process transparent and simple.

2023 MB EQE 500 SUV loaner w/ ~5k miles
MSRP $93,270
Discount $19,401 (including $5500 AmEx)
EV bonus $7500
Cap cost $66,369
36/7.5k lease
0.0011 MF and 52.3% RV (lose 70bps for the 5K loaner miles)
$2700 DAS (first month + TTL + fees)
$615/mo + 9.5% tax = $674 all-in

Other intel I learned is that MSDs reduce MF by 0.0004 per deposit this month (down from 0.0007 in Jan).

For anyone in SoCal, I had a deal for a new $83k MSRP 2023 EQE 350 SUV (Alpine Gray/Black) from a different dealer for $593/mo + tax ($2500 DAS, no MSDs) that I passed on for the deal above. MF/RV is 0.00171 and 54% on a 36/7.5k. Just some more intel on the current market.



Really good info, thanks for sharing.

Regarding the EQE 350 deal you found, would it be possible for someone to sign it in SoCal, then ship it/drive it back to NJ (where I live) to get it registered and pay 0% tax? I was going to do a road trip anyway and wanted to try an EV, with more miles of course.

I’m not sure how interstate registrations work, but you can ask the dealer I suppose. House of Imports in Orange County.

I think you might get a better deal locally in the north east to be honest. That road trip is going to be horrible with EA/current fast charging. Its not like the tesla network.

Congrats on the new vehicle!