Signed: 2023 EQB300 $64k MSRP $429 + tax $2k DAS Max MSD

MSRP: $64325
Sell Price: $51890
Max MSD: $5500
$428.90 + tax
$472.86 after 10.25% tax (ouch)
$2039.04 DAS



Great deal! Was this a demo unit?

New, reached out to a post by mb.Joey in the market place

What was the 12250 ? 7500 EV 2500 Amex, and was is the other 2250 ?

Your contract doesn’t match what you posted. The selling price is not truly 19% off because it does include whatever includes there are, besides the $7500 EV rebate. Also, the DAS shows as $4128 plus the $5500 MSDs.

Do you have the other pages of your contract? Can you include those as well?

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to make sense

I want to thank leasehackr and the marketplace for a deal I’d never get on my own.

$2088.96 was the Mercedes Lease return insurance that we requested from Finance. I don’t think that’s part of the Due at Signing? We cut a check for Due at signing and then put the lease return insurance on credit card.

Edit: ok I think I found another page and tried uploading that to the signed.

Why wouldn’t this be included in the cost of your lease and mentioned above?

$2088 sounds like a lot to pay for insurance. Have you had bad luck with lease returns in the past?

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I don’t know what Mercedes Lease Return Insurance is, is it like Paint Dent Repair?

This was the optional insurance we purchased:

I didn’t consider it part of the lease for the car, but yes, we did pay for it. For some reason I considered the insurance separate (like how we pay for gas, and car insurance or maintenance separate). Sorry for the confusion.

Our cars tend to get dinged up at the supermarket when I don’t drive/park it. I’ll pay, not to stress out over all the damages during the return process.

I was told the First Class Lease Protection was through Mercedes and not a third party? I’m now a bit worried if another dealer hasn’t heard of it before.

I hadn’t heard of it. But it looks like Mercedes is offering it.

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Definitely a must-have if you live in the city and don’t want to pay for a garaged parking space. Street parking is hell. You would definitely get your money’s worth. But I’m not sure if you’ll get your money’s worth in the suburbs. It’s very unlikely you’ll incur more than $2000 in damage, and if you do, you should probably file an insurance claim instead of driving around with damage on a new car.

You can cancel it. How many dings do you get so they cost over $2k to repair?

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:point_up: Over the course of my entire lifetime I’ve spent $0 on “dings.”

This includes 3 years of Chicago street parking in Lincoln Park and East Lakeview.

It is something that MBFS offers, but not all dealerships offer that, I agree with your approach, that it is generally not included in the monthly lease cost. This is an extra option you bought, for peace of mind. If you can afford it, it is worth it!

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can you charge the EQB on tesla network or will be able to in 2024 ?

Only speculations, not sure of anything yet