Signed: 2023 Audi Q5


Wife loves the Q5 and was set on it after our last Q5 lease ended. This is the DFW area.


MSRP: 51915 + 1349 for Audicare
Car: Audi Q5 Premium S Line w. Convenience
Term: 42/10
Monthly: 667
DAS: 0
Zip: 75204


Tax credit, 8% off, if the MF is buy rate, it’s an awesome deal, even if it isn’t still pretty good considering you got the tax credit.

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What does audi care give you? Free oul changes?

1% on the residual as well


All scheduled maintenance + the residual bump

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Just wondering, how to get the tax credit?

Some brokers have been posting good deals on the q5e PHEV.

@IAC, got any Audi’s with tax credits for @kekirius ?

Got a couple

how to qualify for tax credits for non-EV like Q5? I’m in Socal

Tax credits are a Texas thing.

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