Signed: 2023 Ariya Platinum+ e-4orce 18m/10 66.29/month 0DAS

Below is missing and most likely included in discount. They need to discount the unit by 13% BEFORE all the rebates to get to under $200 payment


What is the customer cash, I don’t see that in the rate findr?

customer cash is zip code specific.

no. WA has sales tax, 10.1% around Seattle, OR has 0% sales tax.

Compare it to this quote:

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Chandler is trying to fund his family vacay with one car

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It must be hot there in Houston and computers are not performing well LOL

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Looks like discount <= rebates. Selling at or above MSRP. I know what I got and that’s the price :joy:

Yeah about 8k over MSRP on that quote

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