Signed - 2022 Volvo XC60 B6 Inscription

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Let me start by saying I’m a big pain in the tuchis and want what I want, which meant amber interior. Long story short: was going to get another S60, but with all the production issues on 2022s, the inability to get amber on a 2023, and the insane price increase for 2023s, I settled on a quick 24-month lease on an XC60. It was really hard to find what I wanted, and a lot of dealerships were not budging from MSRP. When I was at my parents’ house, I found one I liked, and despite being a dealership in Florida, they actually wanted to move the car. Loyalty is currently $1,000 more in Florida, so it “wiped out” the doc fee in that respect.

Annoyance: have to buy and sell my current S60 to capture the equity, so I put money up-front to get the payment where I needed it to be (another long story - trying to buy a house), but that will come out of the equity, so it’s all good in the end. Also had to register the car in Florida and will re-register in NY once the other one is sold.

2022 XC60 B6 Inscription
MSRP: $60,270

Selling price: $55,077 (8.54% off)

Incentives: $2,000 lease
$2,500 loyalty (targeted loyalty didn’t work out of region but still $1,000 higher in FL than NY and $2,000 higher than PA/VA/etc.)
$1,500 A-plan (yes, $1,500!)
Total incentives of $6,000.

MF: 0.00085 (base MF)

Residual: 63% (7,500 miles)

Term: 24 months

$495 + tax ($527 but will be $495 when re-registered in NY) with $4,500 at signing (I have about $3,000 - $4,000 of equity in my car based on offers I’ve gotten).

Normally, I would NEVER pay that much at signing, but with flipping my car, it’s all equal in the end, and it was by far the best deal I got!


Pretty good payment for the car, congrats!

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Congrats :clap:

Hey I remember you, the Volvo broker.

Welcome back .

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wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, especially for a car like that. you’re most likely not in an electronic title state. it’ll be 3-4 weeks until you can deliver clear title, if you’re lucky. used values, especially on volvos, are plummeting. not one lease return that i looked at this month had a payoff below MMR. i’d be careful buying that thing out.

also nice to see gunther or bonmin doing the fugazi VIP aplans…

I already have offers for that, so I should be okay.

It wasn’t Gunther or Bonmin, and it’s 100% verified that I had $1,500. There was nothing shady on this one.

This is what I got when I logged into my account.

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offers from the online places expire after i believe 5 days?

I am seeing $500 so seems employer specific discount?

Me too. Could have changed for Sept

Still $1,500 here. Probably employer-specific.

Location specific, I think. But @mllcb42 is also in FL, so who knows. @Benedetto - want to contribute something useful? :grin:

Yeah but my employer is nation- and world-wide. My address is in NY, but it didn’t matter when I used either address in my account. It really shouldn’t matter… it’s what it shows for me and what I got…

The incentives are 6k. But selling price is lower than MSRP by only 5k. So it’s before incentive adjustment?

Selling price is before incentives, not after.

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@mllcb42 is correct, but the Volvo lease incentive is direct to dealers, so most dealerships show it in the discount. I had plenty of dealerships try to disguise it as a discount, so you need to pay attention to that. It’s fine to include it in there, because it will be on the contract, but know your target percentage prior to the incentive being included in the selling price.

This is what it looks like on the contract:

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That’s a whack MSRP for a B6 Inscription. My mom’s B5 Inscription had a higher MSRP. Does this have 0 packages? No Advanced or Climate would have been massive deal breakers for me.

No advanced and prob standard wheels and paint. Dunno what your B5 has, but mine has everything but Bang sound for $58,xxx MSRP.

I had no need or desire for advanced. I hate heads-up displays. I would have liked climate, but it was hard enough to find anything I liked color-wise. I garage my car, so while I’ve had a heated steering wheel on most of my past cars, it’s not really all that necessary, and I almost never have anyone in the back seat, so my heated rear seats were never used.


Climate, Advanced, Air Suspension, Wheels, Protection Premier. MSRP of $60,870.

Didn’t need air suspension, but the off road mode that raises it a couple inches is useful when there is flooding (her intersection floods atrociously whenever it rains).