Signed: 2022 Volvo XC60 B5 R Design AWD $3,161 equity DAS, $684.86+tax p/m


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My lease for my V90 R design was up on 5/5 this year so I started shopping and was disheartened by the market. Reached out to multiple dealers and got some outrageous quotes. Like many of you, I was preparing myself to purchase the vehicle and wait out the market. Volvo makes it very difficult to sell to a third party directly. Buying and selling would have costed me tax and left with little or no profit in the end.

The dealership I leased from previously reached out about a 3 month pull ahead with Volvo. When I balked at the quotes he gave me for an XC60, he reached out to me a few weeks later with a well structured deal.

I basically hit a trifecta;

  1. Lease return was taken as a trade in and paid out my equity as a down into the next lease ($3161.00)
  2. The car was a service loaner and was given a mild discount (~9.5%)
  3. Loyalty Rebate ($2000)

The paperwork showed $5161 as the down payment (taken in form of rebate and lease return) and I paid nothing out of pocket at drive off.

The pre-negotiated deal was sweeter and was 641 + tax. Two things happened.

  1. I had a small crack in the windshield and they split the cost of a replacement with me, decreasing my trade in
  2. I bought the wear and tear for 1295. This was a last minute decision, the car is a loaner with 6000 miles on it and I was doing a 36 month lease. Estimated miles at return are 42000 miles. It has 21 inch rims and normally I would buy used tires before lease end, but I assume 21 inch tires would be hard to find.

Hopefully this post helps some of you who were in the same predicament as me with a Volvo lease return, particularly having difficulty selling and getting the equity.

happy to share dealer and salesperson info.


CONGRATS, enjoy the new ride

Your title should reflect equity DAS.

Congrats on the new ride. Did you explore extending the V90 lease for a couple of months? Sounds like some people have had better luck than others with extending. Just curious, I’m a little over halfway through my V90 lease…hoping the market softens by the time it’s due.

Again, congrats. Great looking XC60.

Thanks so much!
I read somewhere on here that I could do that month by month for up to 3 months. I didn’t try personally as I had about 6 weeks left in the lease when I found this deal.
I was over my allotted miles by ~ 2500miles and I believe that you are not given extra miles for those extra months, which was another reason I was hesitant to try to keep the car longer.

My recommendation to those with a Volvo lease is see if your local dealer is interested in purchasing it if you have some equity. I only tried selling it to CarMax and GiveMeTheVIN.


I’m in a similar boat with a 19 xc90 rdesign lease ending. I like the xc60 especially in rdesign. Looks great. Enjoy!

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Congratulations! Nice Volvo!

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According to KBB, I have $5K in equity (payoff vs trade-in value). Carmax “offered” $3K over payoff. I call the dealer and they slash it down to $1.5K. Who is your sales person/dealer?

Do you have a Volvo? I can message you the salesperson

I do; I’ll reach out to him. Thanks.

The MF is marked up from .00085 and you should’ve used your equity towards MSDs.