SIGNED: 2022 Nissan Frontier S 4x4 Crew Cab - $35k MSRP - 18/10 - $178+tax - $2k DAS

@leasecompanion and @Clutch have the deals


The $5200 include tax and registration and broker fee?

Everything, all in, except broker fee. Paid that separately.

With clutch? Apparently things changed immediately after your deal.

Also, was yours a 4x4 SV (crew or king cab) with no options? Trying to replicate but so far no dice.

I worked with leasecompanion since I’m only a couple hours from DC.

I got an SV crew cab with a $40,715 sticker.


Ah clutch can’t even come close and shipping to SoCal makes this tough

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@takeluck call around to Nissan dealers. Be ready to talk MF and RV at an 18mo/10k term, and ask if they sell at MSRP. My dealer told me they would play ball, and appreciated that I brought them a deal to move inbound units.

I’m interested if you are in SoCal.

I had a quote in Rochester, NY yesterday at $457*18 with first payment @ signing for 10k/18m on an SV Crew 4X4. The Pro 4x crew was $550/month * 18. Given current climate seemed okay to me, though not quite as good as the rates here. I kinda want one but damn the mpg on these is just horrendous and my wife can’t stomach it. If I could get the pro 4x for $450 * 18 I think I’d do it.

have you seen @Clutch deals. they seem better then what you posted


His prices are sick! However, west coast :frowning:

Picked this up this weekend! Wish the mf was lower but otherwise I think it’s a decent deal for this climate, especially in California. 1.9% off MSRP!

$1358 DAS and $495 a month


Hi! Where at in CA? Great deal in todays times

Hey, this was at Dublin Nissan.

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Picked this up on Friday here in SoCal. It was a decent deal I think. All things considered. They literally had dealer price as $4995 over sticker. I acutally saw a different couple pay that price while I was there. All the people at the dealership were very friendly with just the usual amout of pushiness.

2000 DAS


I see yours has the carpeted floor mats option as well… I’d really like to know what these people are thinking when they order these? The all weather mats are literally cheaper!

Mine had that 5k markup too, so crazy.

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Yeah. I ordered some smartliner all weather mats and will keep the carpeted ones for when I go on a weekender (or turn it back in)

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Are the cheapo leases on these dead? Have the numbers changed?

Check Edmunds and fill the calculator with current RV and MF.