Signed: 2022 Mercedes EQS450+ - $124K Sticker - $645 per month, 1,500 DAS

First let me shoutout @HersheySweet for posting his deal - Was always considering the EQS but his deal made me hunt.

This deal is not as strong Score wise but different build - Car was a former loaner with 2900 miles on it.

Shoutout to @perdana for the hook-up on the EV charger $750 charger for $599 free shipping!!

Car is LOADED!

MSRP: $123,280
Selling Price: $98,825
Rebates: $11K - 7,500(EV), $2500(Dealer Cash), $1000(Fleet)
MF: .00184
RV: 66%
Terms: 24/10
DAS: $1500
Payment: $645
Tax: 0 - NJ Registered
MSDs- None

Almost lost the car, someone from LH called the dealer I got the car from but I just put the deposit in on the car - :slight_smile:

Will upload contract later today - @admins


its the kickup in residual plus rebates thats making this a smoking deal

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yes program this month got 66% vs 64% last month at 2% big difference! $150 a month difference -

7% increase since January- desperation lol

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they want these cars on the road - dealers and sales rep being highly incentivized

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What is the dealer cash and fleet incentives? My dealer says only 7500 incentives for it…

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Don’t have such feeling talking to them :slight_smile: :rofl:

there is 2500 dealer cash - dealer can put it in or keep it - fleet is fleet -

How many miles were on it? Demo status?

That is a killer deal! Congrats :raised_hands:

@surf2day OP posted detail #1 post.

this is a steal, congrats OP!

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How does it drive?

Congrats on the deal and car. Solid deal at nearly 20% off MSRP.

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Congrats! How long did it take to find a loaner ESQ?

Is there conquest money on these? I saw another post obliquely referring to it…

Spot-on match to your contract :wink:

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Shocking to see a loaner at this MSRP… You sure MSRP was not $123,456.78? :wink:
Enjoy and congrats!

2900 or so miles it was a former loaner

Love it so much fun and flys literally

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hahah, yeah it was a 1-1 that i found, happy they had it in loaner fleet - very hard to find that type of build in the loaner program