Signed 2022 Kia Niro EV EX

Hi i just signed a 2022 Kia Niro EV EX

700 DAS
322 per month

See the calculator for all the details will be posting my contract later on today


you got this in socal? thats a really good deal.

Can you please break up what those taxed incentives are ?

11200 …break that out

Sorry for the late response

11200 on rebates and 700 DAS total was 11900

There was a 1200 rebate from california I think and the rest was from the dealer and guessing the federal tax credit

Pretty sure 1500 was from California rebate and 9,700 was the lease cash from dealer which I assume includes the federal rebate.

All my numbers i got them from edmunds and did my best effort to get to the deal i got based on inventory and msrp since almost no dealer is discounting anything on the msrp but at the end i got a 2% off the msrp .

Numbers change from dealer to dealer because i was getting quoted from 400 down to 350 until i was able to get to the fair price i was looking for


Congrats! I’m trying to find the same model in Nor-cal and not having any luck. Dealer here wants $3k above MSRP.

I just asked on Edmunds and this is what I got for 94611 (Oakland)

.00117 MF and 48% RV
$12,900 lease cash

Local dealer Is coming back with $388 pretax with $3k DAS. With 10.5% sales tax that’s $428.

Mind sharing your dealer via DM?

I sent you the info