Signed: 2022 Jeep GC 4xe Summit 39/12 689/mo


Just signed today for a 2022 GC 4xe Summit 39/12
Lease is at 654 per month with a $2000 DAS, I just trade in with a $2000.

I do not know how to do the calculator but from signed it is calculated my lease is at 689/mo with a leasehackr score 9.1 years.

Thanks for all the people share their tips to me.


Enjoy it. Was trying to push to get 2 during this weekend but dealers either marking up rate, rebates not being applied, or best one salesmen asking if I was shopping them and not to do that. Anyways, great deal.

Those are some crazy rebates.

Thats quite the incentive stack. I assume this includes the returning lessee bonus? What else was included?

I am actually dont know but I saw a 18.5k manufacture incentives but there is no breakdown then there is a over 7% discount.
The lease is not from CCAP, I am just asking dealer if they can do a 650 mo and 2000 DAS for a 39/12 lease they said they can do it for the summit, but the lease is not from CCAP.

Is this ally or a local credit union?

its ally - 10 words

Makes sense.

They did the standard rate ally lease with the extra $6k idl cash.

Its probably worth immediately buying this out and financing it at a normal rate. The mf here is .00408. Basically, you got a bunch of incentives but youre going to lose it all to that ridiculous rent charge.


The incentive breakdown is

$7500 ev credit
$2000 state bonus credit
$1000 bonus
$1000 bonus
$1000 bonus
$6000 IDL


Thanks for the info. Looks like that will save more money but I dunno how to do that. Maybe once I everything is settled and I can start to see if I can buy out the lease

Your lease contract should specify the early buyout cost. When it funds, your web portal should tell you what to do.

Ally is incredibly difficult to get info from. My web portal “payoff quote” would always show the balance of my remaining depreciation only.

Basically take your RV and add it to remaining depreciation and that’s your buyout.

Will need to go through a dealer to purchase it from ally.

Theyre incredibly difficult for everything


Every dealer I talked to couldn’t give me a buyout over the phone even though I very clearly asked them to call ally or look up my account and give me the #.

They all told me take my rv and add in the remaining total lease payments. + tax and doc fee. Guess they have no experience in early lease buyouts.

I end up purchasing mine at lease end to get the equity, had I done it early with huge incentives and high MF I’d have more equity but I’m happy overall being done with ally forever.

Yah…the proper play here probably would have been to do the standard rate lease through stellantis financial to get same incentive stack with an easier buyout option.

Curious, would that have nullified the IDL cash? Or would he still get it because he was paying standard rate?

Standard rate through stellantis financial also gets idl cash. Standard rate through ccap does not.

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By any chance do you know what the standard rate is through stellantis?

Not for 39 months. Generally, whatever it is, it’s high enough that it isnt fully offset by the idl cash, making its real only useful if youre going to immediately buy out the lease