SIGNED! 2022 EQS 450+ Loaner, $413/month, $3000 DAS, $538/month effective. NY

Signed Link
MSRP: $115,745
Selling Price (Pre-Incentives): $92,000 (20% off)
Selling Price (Post-Incentives): $79,000 (32% off)
Incentives: $7,500 EQ Lease Bonus Cash, $1500 EV Conquest, $3500 Navy Federal

MF: .00184(base)
MSD: $0
Residual: 66%
Term: 24 months/10,000 miles per year

Acquisition Fee: $795 (upfront)
Doc Fee: $273 (upfront)
NY fees+taxes: $1930 (upfront)

Drive-Off Amount: $3000
Monthly Payment: $413 per month, $538 effective.

Loaner with 3900 miles.

I couldnt nail the numbers exactly on the calculator but got close enough I think.

Thanks @HersheySweet for doing all the initial legwork and sharing with LH.

Tesla MYP, F150 Lightning and now EQS.

Will add more pics later. NY about to have a massive snowstorm.


Loaner or new?

Oops, loaner.

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Now I want one too, PM dealer info please :slight_smile:

mercedes benz helms bros

Dealers seem to be lining up to get rid of these bags man. I had like 5 dealers reach out in a few hours, ready to deal. Decided to go with the one a few miles away from my house. I think there is a lot more room on these than initially posted by @HersheySweet. Huge shout out to him for sharing with LH.

Find some inventory on Merc USA website and use ChatGPT or Bing to send some emails.



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I guess I do need another car. Did this replace the etron I sold you?


You may as well move to the SUV. They should be a lot easier to get rid of when it gets to 24 months.

Got rid of the Etron for a Tesla MYP when the market was stupid for them. Made out like a bandit on that.

Congrats!! Unreal! I wish they had loaners on the west coast!

I mean if you can find a deal good enough, ship it.

Kellstar goes to Keeler.



How do you search via the Mercedes USA website? Whenever I search inventory it just gives me a blank page.

bro you’re lucky the GM didn’t reply to me. Sniped it right by me lol


Well I do live around the corner. Come say hi when you are up here.

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Same question here… and how to look up for loaners specifically?
Killer deal Congrats!

Lol the site was working last night.

if only the EQS 580 was also a demo lmao

he agreed to 26% off but not a loaner so :skull_and_crossbones:

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could be MB has an easier way, but when I’ve looked for loaners of other brands, I just go to each dealer’s website. Most have a link under inventory specifically for loaners.

MB had a list of cars and when you click through it had the name of the dealer. Made a list from that and then mass emailed