Signed: 2022 BMW 750, $123K, $1,066/Mo Effective 36/10K

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As 212hackr just posted his 750, thought I would add mine to the mix. Thanks to amatot for posting the link initially.

Signed earlier this month. Was in the market to replace my X3M which was coming to term in July (mid-Covid special at $653/month pre-tax), dealership down in GA had two 750s aggressively discounted. I set my sights on the well-optioned, $123,525, black on black “Batmobile” special. ~5.5K miles, excellent condition, even had dealer-installed tints which was a nice bonus…

MF marked up, but with the discount (they wouldn’t go any further), thought this was still a pretty good deal. They were also giving me equity in my trade-in about $2K higher than any other local dealer here in IL, just a little bit less than Vroom/Carvana/etc. and at the end of the day made it easier to do a full trade vs. selling on my own.

Dealer initially indicated they wouldn’t do MSDs with out of state customers, but eventually changed their tune after a bit of back and forth. They clearly don’t do them often, as the Finance Manager mentioned this was only the 4th time in 15+ years he had done them (he had to call BMW NA for help figuring out how to input into the contract). Still, worth it on my end as it knocked down the effective payment by ~$2.7K for a ~$5.6K deposit.

Loving the car so far. Had a great drive back up to IL, and even though I miss the pure thrill of the X3M at 4-5K RPM, the 750’s 523hp 4.4L twin turbo V8 combined with active air suspension (plus massage seats in front & rear) has made me grin every time I get in it :slight_smile:


where is the basketball court?


Congrats. With that MSRP, must be loaded!

Beat me to the black one, well done! I was trying to squeeze every penny, then I had to capitulate and take the gray one.

Beautiful car, enjoy!

Yup, everything including Autobahn. No footrests!

Autobahn is an often over-looked option. But with such a large vehicle, it makes a big difference

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Congrats again! Glad someone from LH picked this one up! Beautiful car.

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Sexy ride congrats buddy

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Looking good, congrats on your new ride!

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