SIGNED: 2021 XC60 Inscription FWD 36/10 $465 - $4000DAS

Great experience buying this volvo this deal was so easy to acquire from the dealer and seems in line with other deals, was going to lease an Audi Q5 prestige but the cost difference was enormous and didn’t make sense.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 XC60 Inscription with Advanced Package and Extras
MSRP: $ 54690
Selling Price: 47144 (14.22% off)
Monthly Payment: $ 465
Drive-Off Amount: $ 4000 (includes first month came from selling old lease for massive equity I still profited from despite this amount down)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00049 (APR: 1.18%)
Residual: 56% 30,665
Incentives: Costco 1250
Region: Southeast
Leasehackr Score: 8.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

How much in lease cash/Volvo allowance is rolled into that selling price? What’s the actual pre-incentive discount?

Really don’t know. But from what I was reading on edmunds all the lease cash/volvo allowance they end up just putting it into MSRP discount. Which is honestly the better place to put it because the residual is lower and then when the lease is up you could end up with positive equity.

I’ve never leased/bought a car with 14.22% off… so I’m really impressed with this deal especially since the DAS was free money from equity in my old lease.

It doesn’t matter how it’s applied… either way it reduces the cost. It doesn’t change the residual value.

The important reason to itemize it separately so that you can properly compare across multiple markets where lease cash varies. You’re negotiating the dealer discount with the dealer… it helps to know what that is.


What? The discount doesn’t help your residual. Residual value is the residual % multiplied by MSRP. Discount won’t change it.

Also why’d you apply the money toward down payment instead of msd?

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I put it down to keep the payment where I wanted it. I probably should have taken the money and put it into MSD to reduce the financing but I’ll benefit with a much higher rate of return in another financial transaction I’m going to do with the excess equity money from my old lease sale.

Generally down payment is not advised with leases because if the car were to be totaled right away that money disappears. Totally get wanting a lower monthly for the optics but just letting you know

Yep I’m fully aware of the down payment/gap insurance tradeoff.

What does it have to do with GAP?

Is this a prompt now?

Think he’s confused on what GAP is. GAP covers difference between what insurance pays out and your car’s buyout or loan value. Down payment goes towards lowing your capital cost which lowers your total buyout, so if your insurance paid off the buyout, you wouldn’t get that downpayment back.

No, probably should be though since 9 out of 10 Volvo leases that get posted neglect to include it.

Fully aware of the fact that if the car is totaled I lose the downpayment in a gap insurance payout.

I really ended up only putting 3600 down Into the deal and it was free money from equity in my old car…

I understand it all… Including MSD and the affect it has and all.

I just decided to do it the way I did because it was best for me…

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$100/mo in free equity :money_with_wings: