Signed: 2021 Volvo XC90 Momentum in Texas $62,775 MSRP

Ok, home from the dealership and knocked out a couple meetings… I’ll try to condense the appropriate information here…
36/12K Lease…
MSRP: 62775.00
Sales Price: 51000.00
Cap Cost Reduction: 266.00
Residual: 37665.00
Depreciation: 15562.75
Rent Charge: 5170.01
Sales Tax: 612.00
License/Title Fees: 261.75
Doc Fees: 150.00
Acquisition Fee: 995
Roadvantage Environmental: 475.00
Gross Capitalized Cost: 53493.75
Due at Signing: 841.91 (575.91 first payment + Net Trade Value)

Trade was a 2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD. KBB showed a trade value of 27.5k - 29.9k
Went 35 months in the Acura, was at 28,803.00 payoff when I traded it today they gave me 29k which I was happy with…

If there’s any other information I’ve missed that is valuable, let me know, but this is all from my lease agreement. I know it’s not laid out in MF/RV, but they never gave me those figures the several times I asked. Not claiming to be a pro, obviously an apparent rookie mistake of sharing the deal sheet…

I’ll see if I can figure out calculations on what happened at some point… Wife is happy with her new car and I’m not hating the payments for the car we got even though about 40/mo more than we were paying on the Acura…It’s a much better car IMO…


Congrats! Deal is done, everyone is happy. Post pics!


Looks like a really good deal. Think they sweetened it with tax credits too as that tax is too low for just the trade in.

Congrats and hope it serves you and your family well.

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Post the contract here without personal information

I’m not sure what they did, because I’m pretty sure Volvo does 1.25% with credits, which is close to this amount, but if done properly, they should be using it on the selling price less the trade, which would make the tax about $400 less than it is. If taxed at the regular rate on the selling price less the trade, the tax is nearly double this - over $1,200. Seeing the contract would be nice to figure out what on earth is going on here.



Do you need the itemized gross capitalized cost page?

Yes, that’s where it should show the tax and the trade.

I don’t see the trade…

Pretty sure they tax 1.2% on the sales price, I remember my V60 was similar. It’s $348, just sleep on it lol but it’s your money. On the other hand, it’s about 110 “No.5 Special” burgers from Keller’s, ummm IDK now

what dealer?

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Hell of a deal. I thought I did really well signing my 2020 xc90 t5 at a 54k sticker in november of last year for 579/mo for 35 months (including first payment) on a 15k in texas. I may need to call up my salesmen and see what he can do. The 2021 has front sensors standard and that’s about the only thing my wife complains about on mine. But yes 100% nicer than an MDX and just stunning looking. The XC90s don’t get enough love.